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Migrated to/Born in USA

Nora was my great grandmother. She helped raise my father (Chicago, Illinois) because she lived with them. I am fortunate to have a father that remembered all the stories she told him of her homeland, in Claregalway Ireland.

Due to such detail, we were able to collect her birth register as well as her siblings.

Another wondeful thing, he remembered many of his great aunts and uncles and had relationships with them. Wiliam was the oldest, Michael was the youngest. Then there was Mary, Bess, John, and Malachy. However Malachy he never met. He was presumed dead after he left to fight the Boer war. 

Nora (born Honor, baptized Honora) was born in 1870. Her Mother was Mary Carrick Moylan. Carrick seems to be unique for the Claregalway area. I assume she was from different parish or village.

This research has been addictive and I want to learn so much more. 

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Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Apr 1870  
Townland born Kiltrogue  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Mary Carrick  


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