Owen Ruddy 1835

Place of migration:
Stayed in Ireland

Married to Bridget Gaughan. Lived in Ederglen, Kilcommon Civil Parish. Died 10 May 1895 ( civil record)

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1835 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 10th May 1895 VIEW SOURCE


  • Hello! Do you know who his parents were?


    Friday 15th May 2020, 09:48PM
  • I think possibly Anthony Ruddy and Sally Padden. I base this on 3 possible siblings who all lived in Ederglen Bridget (1841) m John McGrath 1875 Sabina ( Sibby) married Tom Bell 1858 ( NB first child 1853) and Anthony married Ann Mcgrath 1875. All on Rootsireland. It is difficult to find anything before 1840. I also think Sally Father was Patrick ? Toorglass. Anny ideas??


    Friday 15th May 2020, 11:44PM
  • My Ruddy's are Michael and he married Ellen Lavelle. They had a few children and one was Bryan Bernard, my two times great grandfather, born in 1833. He followed his sister Mary to the states. My DNA shows that I'm related to descendants of a James Ruddy is either a brother of Bryan or a cousin. 


    Saturday 16th May 2020, 09:45PM
  • Looked at Tithe applotments 1833 only 3 in Edderglen Bellmulet, Killala diocese: Bryan,(immigrated to  NY in 1851 Thomas and Hugh. In griffiths valaution only Owen left in 1855. I found Michael in 1833 in Carrowcreagh, Kilgarvan, Diocese Killala Along with a few other Ruddys.

    James Ruddy in Attymass, Mongawnagh Killasser and Oughaval. There was a Bryan Lavelle in 1855 in Inver Belmullet.

    The only Bernards were in Co Louth and Brian in Co.Donegal. I note that a Bryan Ruddy arrived in NY in 1851.

    https://www.nli.ie/en/griffiths-valuation.aspx on left side has access to some church records, in Killala diocese.  Hope this helps.


    Sunday 17th May 2020, 09:36AM
  • Hello,

    I have been looking at a little more research on the Ruddys.

    I have found an Owen Ruddy born in 1831 to a James Ruddy and Mary Deane. Right timeline for my Owen Ruddy unfortunately 2 Parishes away in Ratheskin, Kilfian, CO. Mayo.

    I looked again at Tithe applotment for Bryan, Hugh and Thomas Ruddy who were in Ederglen in 1832 but not 1855 Griffiths Valuation.

    It is possible that they were all brothers.

    Hugh Ruddy married a Honor Gibbons not sure when ? 3 children in church records :

    Patrick : 17/March/1841

    Ellen     : 6 / August/1843

    Hugh     : 31/12/1845

    Couldnt find any after 1845, still looking for before 1841. 

    Have you the details of Bryans parents as they may be linked to Thomas and Hugh?




    Sunday 7th June 2020, 02:45PM
  • Bryan's father was Michael Ruddy and he married Ellen Lavelle. I show that Huigh and family emigrated to the US and settled in central IL.


    Monday 8th June 2020, 01:50PM
  • Hello,

    Here is information that may relate  and link our RUDDYS.

    Marriages are only available 1836 to 1845

    Baptism 1841 to 1872.

    I have looked at births in Ederglen with sponsors ( godparents) RUDDY :

    Owen Cafferky m Anne Murphy  1 child  (1851)BRYAN RUDDY / Bridget noone?

                                                         1 child (1848) NED RUDDY/ ROSE RUDDY

    Pat McGrath m MARY RUDDY   1 child (1851) HUGH RUDDY / Cath McAndrew

    I have HUGH  as being married to Honor Gibbons children:

    Patrick 17/3/1841 Sponsor Pat? / Fanny McAndrew


    Hugh 6/8/1845     Sponsor NED RUDDY / ROSE RUDDY

    Owen Ruddy M Bridget Gaughan 1855. Died in 1895 at 63 so made birth 1831/33. Sabina Ruddy married Tom Bell in 1853/1858 (had child out of wedlock in 1853)

    I have added reports so you can see who was in Ederglen 1832 and in 1855.

    Is it reasonable to assume that they are all relatedthey are all related??







    Monday 8th June 2020, 06:03PM
  • I was told to look for townships that had both Ruddy's and Lavelle's. I believe that they lived in Derrycorrib. My DNA points more towards that area as well. 


    Monday 8th June 2020, 09:46PM
  • hello,

    Only 1 Ruddy in Derricorrib Michael for Griffith valuation1855.I did notice a NOON there too. There was a Bridget Noon as a sponsor with Bryan in Ederglen, coincidence?

    Is this Michael Ruddy m to Ellen Lavelle? Have you a year of marriage. It is fascinating how DNA can pin point a location. If you look on google maps satellite you can see the areas layout eg townships. I went over a few years ago not a lot to see on the ground.


    I Lovell in Tithe applotment 1834.http://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalarchives.ie/search/tab/results.jsp?county=Mayo&parish=Kilcommon&townland=Derricorrib&search=Sea

    Are you in the Uk ?




    Monday 8th June 2020, 10:45PM
  • I think they were married in the 1820's. I believe Bryan had a brother Michael, James and a sister Mary. Family story is he followed her to the states. There might have been more but haven't figured them out yet. 

    I was born in Central Illinois, not far from where Bryan emigrated to. He farmed there. Hugh and several of his sons lived right around him. I currently live in Oklahoma. My parents live here as well but the rest of our family are still in Central IL. 



    Monday 8th June 2020, 11:33PM
  • I Live in the UK. Owen Ruddy is my Great,great grandfather; his daughter being my great grandmother. Most of her siblings emigrated to the United states 1883.He had 1 daughter who married and went to live in Derrynameel. Another was a Rose married to a John Shevlane most of her family went to live in Scotland where I was born. My Great grandmother was the only one left and rumour has it she was emigating to the states when Owen died so she stayed and married the following year. The youngest son Hugh also left and came over to Northumberland. The Ruddys are on my mothers side.

    I you like I can try and give you a hand, but beware it is addictive, confusing, but one way or another they are all related.!!! You can email if you like?

    Looked in Irish census for 1901 James Ruddy in Derricorrib son in law to Lovelle:http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1901/Mayo/Glencastle/Derrycorrib/1579375/. .The rest are in and around Derrynameel.

    No Ruddys in Derryicorrib in 1911,quite a few in Derrynameel.

    This is the link for parish registers https://www.nli.ie/en/parish-register.aspx you need to put in Belmullet for the Parish. I had a look last night and noticed that quite a few names where missing after 1853 so I suspect it was due to emigration.Mary Ruddy was married to Pat mcGrath in Ederglen and it looks as though they emigrated could this be the sister?

    Post famine 1843 / 1847 mass emigration was increased and families /  relatives tended to go together. Those left tended to move into previous family areas, marriages were usually arranged (introduced) through relatives.





    Tuesday 9th June 2020, 08:11AM
  • BoB

    Tuesday 9th June 2020, 08:51AM
  • Have you the names of Hughs sons??

    Belmullet is the parish for RUDDY and LOVELLE. Generally outside parishes where Kilcommon Erris or Ballycroy which would be put by spouses name.

    Sponsors generally relatives or siblings. If couple related priest would generally put in relation eg 2nd to 2nd (cousin to second cousin)

    It looks originally Bride township was documented then stopped. Marriage I guess as now took place in the HER Township.Then went to HIS township.

    Brides normally 18/20 Groom 20/22 depending on income and land. Youngest son normally last to marry as he supported parents.


    •   Patrick McGrath to MARY RODDY 11 January 1836  Ederglen, she would possibly have been born in 1816 /18 Sponsor Philip McAndrew / Catherine Lally
    • Hugh Ruddy (B: 1820 /22) to Honor Dixon 1840
    • MICHAEL RUDDY ( B; 1822 to 1824)to Mary Deane 15 July 1842 Sponsor: Owen ? / Mary Donohue
    • MICHAEL RUDDY to Mary Conway 8 July 1842 Sponsors John Maginis/ Bridget Monihan
    • Patrick? to BRIDGET RUDDY (  B: 1823 /1825) May 1843  Sponsors John McDonell Catherine ?H
    • Patrick Gaughan to BRIDGET RUDDY9B; 823/1825)  26 July 1843 Sponsors Patt? Thomas /Anne King
    • Anthony Barratt to NANCY (Anne 1826/ 28 )RUDDY 4 february 1844 Sponsors John Roddy / Nancy Roddy
    • Patrick ?she to SIBY RODDY ( 1826 to 1828.  9 February1844 Sponsors Michael Dougherty / Catherine Early

    Possibly then : Hugh 1820/22; Mary 1816/18;  Bridget 1823/24; Michael 1822/24;Nancy 1826/1828; Siby 1826/24. Owen Ruddy died 1895 age 60 so birth 1835 and I think you said Bryan was born in 1833?

    Most records on subscriber sites are those transcribed from church records or later the civil records and Griffiths Valuation. Familysearch and Ancestry have passenger records for the so called Famine ships that left Ireland between 1840 to 1855but only list the single or head of family.





    Tuesday 9th June 2020, 12:34PM
  • Mary Ruddy was married to Pat mcGrath in Ederglen - this is not her. She was unmarried when she left. 


    Tuesday 9th June 2020, 04:21PM
  • Bob,

    Are you on Ancestry or had your DNA tested?




    Tuesday 9th June 2020, 04:23PM
  • Yep to Ancestry, no to DNA as yet, I am trying to sort out a few ancestry things first, as my Mum has Irish , Northumbrian and Norwegian ancestry.

    My Dad I have his history back to 1732, his family  came from Crossmolina just after the famine to Edinburgh, my Uncle spent years collecting the info, the farm is still on the outskirts of Ballina.We are in contact with family in the States.

    I am in contact with a couple of people in Tristia and Bunnahowen.

    Aha I think this Mary Ruddy is then related to Anthony Ruddy in Faulough, his son is the Anthony Ruddy who is in Ederglen on the 1901 census, I found his marriage.


    Tuesday 9th June 2020, 05:25PM
  • I meant to say that my Grandmother came to UK in 1930 so I know I am related to Owen Ruddy and his wife Bridget Gaughan.


    Wednesday 10th June 2020, 08:20AM
  • Bob,

    You asked about Hugh's family. He married Honora Gibbons and I believe they had Rose (1831-1907), Michael (1831-1921), Catherine (1833-1915), Anthony (1835-1902), John (1841-1920), Mary (1846-?) and Patrick (1848-1892).I believe they were on the same boat as Bryan Bernard Ruddy's sister Mary and arrived like March 1851 and he arrived Sept 1851.


    Friday 12th June 2020, 09:11PM
  • Hi Debi

    Thank You . These  are the children of Hugh Ruddy and Honor Gibbons

    Patrick 17/3/1841 Sponsor Pat McAndrew / Fanny McAndrew


    Hugh 6/8/1845     Sponsor NED RUDDY / ROSE RUDDy

    I couldnt find any before 1841 or after 1845.

    Regarding  Pat McGrath and Mary Ruddy she came from Farlough, her son married the daughter of Anthony so would not have been allowed by the Catholic Church,.

    I couldnt find anymore children for Michael Ruddy and Ellen Lavelle, but I did wonder if he was the sponsor for Ellen above.

    Bryan is A Ruddy name,not common, and there was a Brian in Edderglen in 1833, which I guess could only mean that your Brian was a son ? What are his children called ?Sometimes the eldest children are called after grandparents, and others after Aunts and Uncles

    I think you said he married a Shevlane? One of Owens daughters ROSE married a Shevlane from Briska so there is a connection there.

    I looked to see if there was any Lavelles in Derrycorrib on the 1901 census, there was a Peter B:1836 with a son in law James Ruddy staying with him.There was also a daughter Ellen B: 1873/1875, so could a brother for Ellen Lavelle.

    I know it sounds like clutching straws, but I found my great , great grandmother by checking sponsors.



    Saturday 13th June 2020, 06:52PM
  • My Bryan is the son of Michael and Ellen Lavelle. There was a Bryan Bernard Lavelle that I'm guessing could have been Ellen's brother. Bryan married Bridget Shevlin but she was born in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Her parents were Patrick and Mary Casey Shevlin. They both were born in Ireland. Hugh might be a cousin of Michael. I do know they had more children because there were more that came over with them and lived around Central IL. 


    Saturday 13th June 2020, 08:45PM
  • Hello again,

    Just to say  I have been Looking at Hugh Ruddy via Ancestry as there are some similarities with Hugh from Ederglen, still picking through information. You may have this, I found a Michael Ruddy living in Sunbury Livingston Illinois age 50 on the 1870 census birth 1820 Ireland, noticed that he died on 18/11/1879 with birth 15 March 1822 buried in Dwight cemetry; there is a Newspaper obit for Michael associated with Ellen Lavelle! Perhaps he belongs with Bryan??I had hoped he was the sponsor for one of Hughs children.

    I eventually found the Michael associated with Hugh he died on 30 January 1921 birth 15 September 1831.

    Can you tell me if the info on Find a grave is  added by families I only ask that on Hugh ( Kendall) Ruddy there is a Anthony W Ruddy as a son but I found Anthony deceased on 4 April 1812 with parents details buried in Audubon?? Have you deatails of emigration?


    Thursday 9th July 2020, 11:42PM
  • I will give you my thoughts on Hugh Ruddy. He was born 1798 in Co. Mayo. He married Honora Gibbons in 1829. They have a daughter Rose (Jun 1831), Michael 15 Sep 1831, Catherine (1833), Anthony (18 Nov 1835), John (6 Jun 1841), Mary (1846) and Patrick (Mar 1848). I believe they arrived in 1851. They either were on the same ship or one a few months earlier than Bryan Bernard. I have found that all his children came with him. They all lived near each other and that includes Bryan Bernard. Bryan's brother John and sister Mary came to the US. I believe that another Ruddy - Thomas might have been on the same ship as Bryan but not sure who he is so far. 


    Friday 10th July 2020, 12:58AM
  • Where can I see the newspaper obit related to Ellen Lavelle and a Michael Ruddy. The info on find a grave might be from a family member on his side. I didn't even know they were buried in Odell. I found a will associated with a Patrick Lavelle that named one of the beneficiaries as a Michael Ruddy in Sunbury, IL. 






    Friday 10th July 2020, 01:16AM
  • On ancestry if you input :
    Michael Ruddy
    Residence Sunbury,Livingston County, Illinois
    Birth:1820 Ireland
    Death 18 November 1879
    On the side it will come up with newspaper.obit Michael click on hopefully your browser will support.
    There is also an 1870 federal census.
    Bryan has an 1880 census showing Mary Ruddy mother in law ,I suspect it should read sister in law. 1900 census shows age and emigration for him.
    Here is my email: brenda.smith4955 @gmail.com.I will send info I have found so far


    Friday 10th July 2020, 08:13AM
  • Rose Ruddy 1900 married to Martin Conway ,date of birth June 1831, emigrated 1849, not belonging to Hugh as Michael born 15 September 1831, died January 1921 is on1820, 1910, 1900, federal census with emigration date.


    Friday 10th July 2020, 02:45PM
  • I've had others try to tell me that Bridget's mother married one of Hugh's sons. I don't think so because her father didn't die until he was in Illinois and later. I'm going to go look at the Michael Ruddy right now. 

    My email is debi1616@hotmail.com



    Saturday 11th July 2020, 12:12AM
  • My motto keep an open mind. Just looking through 1860 census for that area at other Ruddys I am assuming that Hugh was
    given Kendall so as to differentiate from another Hugh. Also found an Anthony DeKalb Ruddy so maybe the same reason!


    Saturday 11th July 2020, 07:56AM
  • I can't get newspaper.com to open for me without paying for it. 


    Saturday 11th July 2020, 09:08PM
  • Ok I will see what I can do this end.


    Saturday 11th July 2020, 11:47PM

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