Patrick Bredan

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The 30 August 1862 marked the anniversary of the second attack on Shanghai ‘the Battle of Shanghai’, during the 1862 Taiping Rebellion. Fought between June 1861 and November 1862, British and French troops had entered the fray and used modern artillery for the first time in China inflicting heavy casualties on Taiping forces. Among the British ranks quashing the rebellion was Portumna’s Patrick Bredan. Bredan had previously served in the Persian Campaign 1856-57 (winning a medal and clasp) and the Indian Mutiny 1857-58 (again decorated with a medal) in which he was wounded by a musket-ball in the right leg. Pictured is a scene of the Taiping Rebellion.


This Chronicle was created using information originally published in the South East Galway Archaeological and Historical Society Newsletter No. 28

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