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Patrick C Myres 2021

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When Patrick C Myers was born on March 17, 1858, (headstone cites birthdate as 1863, but church baptismal record cited baptism date as March 19, 1858) in Kilcloney Cork, Ireland, his father, John (Myres or Myers), was 42 and his mother, Mary Burke, (or Bourke)  was 37. His parents and siblings emigrated to America in 1873, landed in New York, made their way west and settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He worked in a sawmill, and later a stone quarry before establishing himself as a plumber. He married Annie Wilson. from Cherryfield, Maine on November 27, 1882, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They had eight children in 21 years. He died on July 20, 1917, in Hennepin, Minnesota, at the age of 59, and was buried in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Date of Birth 4th Mar 2021 VIEW SOURCE
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  • Not sure if this is helpful or related, but I've been capturing baptism sponsors & marriage witnesses into a spreadsheet of my ancestors, and there is a Mathias Myers listed as a sponsor at the 10 Jun 1829 baptism of Richard Coughlan in Cullina - which is not too far from Kilclooney.  I'm thinking that Mathias would be a potential sibling to your John.  Just had to throw it out there in case; the other names that appear on the record are parents Thomas Coughlan & Honora Duane, and my ancestor, Catherine Keys.  

    Good luck in your search, and if you happen upon the names of any of the others, please reach out!

    Mary Anne







    Sunday 11th July 2021, 10:12PM
  • Mary Anne

    Thank you, but don't know if this is part of my Myers family. The farthest back I have gone is to a John Myers (b. 1790 d. unknown) assumed to be born in the Kildorrery/Kilcloney area. Haven't connected him to a spouse, but 3 sons were born of that union. Jacoburm (b 1812, m. Mariam Dinane 11/7/1840), Patrick (b.1812) and John William (b.1815, d. 1902, probably Minneapolis, definetly Hennipen county, Minnesota). John William married a Mary Burk (Burke) Feb., 1842 in Kildorrery. All 7 of their children were born in the same area. One of thir sons, John T. was my great grandfather.Until next time, regards, Loren Hoffman



    Saturday 21st August 2021, 08:16PM
  • Mary Anne, I have two main family lines from Kildorrery. You mentioned your ancestor Catherine Keys. In my distant Kennedy family a Catherine Keys married Arthur Coughlan. I wondered if she is your Catherine.

    I also have a distant Myers connection: In 1839 Margaret Galway (Gallagher) married Michael Myers in Kildorrery.


    Jan   (Seashore)


    Tuesday 7th September 2021, 02:54PM
  • Loren,  Thank you for your reply.  I'll keep an open mind as I continue my research and will circle back if connections are found.  I'm not sure which part of the world you live in, but I am in the Minneapolis area and am happy to help if there are things I can do here that you are not able to do from afar to help you further your research.    Mary Anne





    Tuesday 7th September 2021, 03:28PM
  • Jan, thank you so much for your reply.  I would be very interested in exploring whether there is a connection with Catherine Keys Couglan.  As mentioned above, I have been capturing names of ancestors along with sponsors/witnesses into a spreadsheet, and while I don't always understand the relationship (yet!) here are a few items that may be of interest:

    25 Feb 1805 Marriage of William Kennedy & Joanna Coughlan (  The reason this is important is because my ancestor, Edmond Keyes appears as a sponsor at the baptism of their daughter, Ellen Kennedy on 01 Jul 1825 (  Do. you. have these guys in your tree?

    07 Feb 1842 Marriage of Catherine Keys and Arthur Kennedy (  Witnesses were Maurice Keyes (Catherine's brother) and Guillermo (William) Kennedy. I can document this Catherine as "mine"; but you mentioned your distant Kennedy family - do you have evidence of this Arthur Kennedy in your tree?  Do you think this William is the same as the record above (husband of Joanna Coughlan)?  The time frame leads me to believe it would more likely be their son, but I don't have any records that would substantiate that - it is just an assumption.

    10 Jun 1829 baptism of Richard Coughlan (  I've been assuming that Catherine Keys who was a sponsor at the baptism of Richard Coughlan was my Catherine Keyes who married Arthur Kennedy.  But perhaps she is Catherine Keys who married Arthur Coughlan!    

    I guess that's enough for now - let me know if any of this connects to your Keys or Kennedy ancestors and thanks again for posting!  Perhaps we should be posting this information in the Keyes section instead of on Patrick Myres page - I'll see if I can copy/past it there...

    Mary Anne












    Tuesday 7th September 2021, 04:24PM
  • Mary Anne, perhaps we could continue the conversation using email? I am happy to work on these boards or email, but sometimes it's easier to use email instead of having to sign into a web site. My email address is

    You asked if I had William Kennedy and Joanna Coughlan in my tree. The quick answer is "yes." I have been working with someone who traces more directly to this line than I do. She then wanted to spend time working on a different family, but for a while we worked intensely on putting this family together. Trying to figure out the Kennedy line is a real challenge. My great-great-grandmother, Margaret Kennedy, married Denis Carroll in RC Kildorrery in 1813. She was from Ballyshonack, which is in the RC parish of Kildorrery and the civil parish of Farahy. There is a townland that is contiguous to Ballyshonack - Tankardstown - which is also in Farahy civil parish. Someone told me there is no physical boundary between the two townlands right now. Also, looking at land records, I could see that there were times when the head of household in Ballyshonack was the same as the head of household in Tankardstown. I am wondering if, at one time, there was one large Kennedy lot that straddled both townland lines. We first tried to see if William Kennedy and Joanna Coughlan were from Ballyshonack (or if William was). We came to the conclusion that he was probably born in Ballyshonack. I need to look again at my notes, but I think we have hypothesized that William and my gggrandmother Margaret were probably siblings.

    You asked if I thought Arthur Kennedy was the son of William Kennedy and Joanna Coughlan. The answer is "yes." I think but do not have paper work to prove that William was Arthur's father. I have listed 11 reasons why I came to that conclusion, which I can share in an email. I actually have a DNA match on Ancestry to a descenant of this line.

    You mentioned Catherine Keys as either the wife of Arthur Kennedy or of Arthur Coughlan. I know that Catherine married Arthur Kennedy in 1842. When did Catherine marry Arthur Coughlan?

    Let me send this off and we can go from here.     Jan






    Tuesday 7th September 2021, 07:54PM
  • Hi Jan - I just sent you an email.  Looking forward to more conversations!




    Wednesday 8th September 2021, 11:17PM

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