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This Patrick Collins is the son of Timothy Collins (b. cir 1791 Timoleague, Cork, Ireland - d. 17 Nov 1873, Gloucester (Ottawa) Ontario, Canada) and Mary Kaine/Cain (b. cir 1811 Timoleague, Cork Ire. - d. 28 Feb 1850, Gloucester (Ottawa) Ontario, Canada).  

Timothy Collins & his older brother Patrick Collins (b. cir 1785 Bandon, Cork, Ire. - d. 26 Jun 1867 Gloucester (Ottawa), ON Canada) immigrated in 1829 with the McCabe List of Immigration & Settlement to Canada 1817-1896 and worked on the building of the Rideau Canal.  Patrick was travelling with a female, but no name given (spouse? sister?).  Both men purchased land at Black Rapids along the Rideau River, Gloucester (Ottawa) township, Bowesville.  There no longer is a Bowesville as the town was expropriated to build Ottawa's airport.  Patrick married Ellen Finn cir 1832 and they had 4 children all born in Canada.

Timothy Collins married Mary Cain/Kaine/Keene 7 May 1831 in Notre Dame Cathedral, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  They had 7 children:  1) Mary 1832-1923; 2) John 1835-1918; 3) Matthew 1838-1914; 4) Norah 1842-1927; 5) Ellen 1842-1927; 6) Bridget 1845-1932 and **7) Patrick 1847-1916 (my great grandfather).  

**7) Patrick Collins married Sarah Reynolds 26 November 1872 St. Joseph's RC Church, Ottawa, Ontario Canada.  They had 10 children listed below in the portrait taken about 1912, their 40th Anniversary?

Front Row L-R: Ellen Jane "Ellie" 1875-1960; Sarah Reynolds-Collins (spouse of Patrick) 1848-1936; Patrick Collins 1847-1916; Mary Ann 1873-1963

Back Row L-R:  Elizabeth Teresa "Lizzie" 1876-1958; Patrick Percy 1882-1977; Insert John Joseph "Jack" 1880-1954; Bridget Mary "Bea" 1885-1068; Sarah Agnes 1878-1944; Pte. James Matthew "Jimmy" 1889-1917 (died WWI Ypres, Passchendaele, Belgium, France); Clara Emily 1887-1968 (my grandmother)

Marilyn Dwyer

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Date of Birth 10th Aug 1847 (circa)
Date of Death 21st Oct 1916


  • Did Patrick and Timothy Collins own land in Goulbourne? I can't find the map of Goulbourne from around 1830 but those seem like the names of two Colllins listed there. I have wondered if they were related to my greatx3-grandmother, Mary Ann Collins, who was living in Goulbourne in 1831 when she married at the Basilique Notre Dame in Ottawa.


    Saturday 10th July 2021 10:27PM
  • Hi Monica, there are many Mary Ann Collins, but believe you are referring to the Mary Ann Collins from Goulbourn who married John Brown from Long Island on 31 July 1831.  Currently, I do not know if she is related to Timothy & Patrick Collins who immigrated from Timoleague & Bandon, Cork. They both worked on the Rideau Canal upon their arrival to Canada and as I mentioned previously above, both brothers bought property at Black Rapids, Gloucester Township. Their homes were on Long Island Road, later named River Road and now called Riverside Drive.

    Patrick Collins & Ellen Finn had a daughter Mary Ann Collins born 28 Apr. 1830, S. Gloucester who married John McCarthy on 9 Jan 1849 at Notre Dame in Ottawa.  This Mary Ann Collins McCarthy died 10 May 1911 and is buried in Our Lady of The Visitation, S. Gloucester.

    Timothy Collins & Mary Kaine/Cain had a daughter Mary born 1832, S. Gloucester who married Bernard McKenna about 1875.  Bernard had previously been married to Margaret (unknown) in County Tyrone where they were both from; came to Canada about 1840 settling on Lot 7 & 8, Concession 1, Bowesville, S. Gloucester Township.  Margaret died 2 July 1856 & is buried in Our Lady of The Visitation RC Cemetery, S. Gloucester, where many of the Collins' are buried.  I have quite a bit more on Timothy and Patrick's descendants, but sorry, I can't help you on a connection to your Mary Ann at this point.  Best of Luck in your research.



    Monday 12th July 2021 01:14PM
  • Yes, Marilyn. That is the same Mary Ann Collins! John Black died a few years later and she married an Irishman in the Royal Artillery in Quebec.
    Do you know if there is a group of decendants of the Collins brothers, perhaps on Facebook? I've love to compare DNA to see if Mary Ann was related to them or if the shared name was a coincidnece.
    Thanks for much for sharing all your research!



    Monday 12th July 2021 06:44PM
  • Hi Monica...apologies for not responding sooner.  I haven't been on this site for awhile.  I don't know of any Collins group on Facebook.  I just recently sent my Collins research to the Gloucester Historical Society.  Marilyn


    Tuesday 22nd February 2022 10:21PM
  • Hi everyone, my husband is a descendant of Tim Collins (1791-1873) and Mary Cain/Kaine. They did have a daughter has you said named Mary Ann Collins (1875-19550. My husband is related through: Tim who went to Canada> John Collins born 1835> Patrick1871> John 1904-1963 went to Detroit Michigan>Patricia Collins McCarthy 1933-still living> my husband Larry living. My son's DNA is on under Thomas Mccarthy. There are a lot of Collin cousins in Canada. I also found a Kevin McCarthy in Canada who is also on through my son's DNA. He had a nice website but it has been taken down. He has had no luck finding any distant relatives left in Ireland when he went to Ireland. My husband would be happy to give a DNA sample or if you are on, my son Tom is on there and my other son's DNA under James Colson McCarthy is on My Heritage and GED Match. (I bug my sons' with this stuff lol). 

    Debbie CM

    Monday 19th June 2023 12:12AM
  • I am sorry...too many of the same names. As I look over the materials again, the Mary Ann Collins I have was born in 1875 and died in 1955 and the daughter of John Collins b. 1835 and Elizabeth Reynolds. Sorry for the confusion. My husband is still related to these brothers though.

    Debbie CM

    Monday 19th June 2023 12:19AM
  • Hi Debbie. Yes, I am hoping to find descendants of those two brothers in case my Mary Ann Collins (circa 1815, Ireland) was related to them. It is likely too long ago to be sure but maybe! 
    Patrick Collins (cir 1785 Bandon, Cork) travelled to Canada with an unnamed woman. Since he was in his 40s at the time, I've wondered if it might have been a teenage daughter. 
    I'll check out those names. Thank you!


    Monday 19th June 2023 06:21AM
  • You are very welcome but to the best of our knowledge oral history and DNA my husband is a direct descendant of Tim Collins the brother of Patrick. If you can connect to this Kevin Collins on, he would be a great resource. He and our son were DNA cousins. 

    Debbie CM

    Monday 19th June 2023 01:05PM

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