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My paternal ancestor, Patrick Connelly, was a famous jockey on the Irish and English turf. He is believed to have come from Co Cork, his parents unknown. He was born in or near the year 1806. About 1820, he was apprenticed as a jockey to an Irish MP and racehorse owner, Michael George Prendergast (1764-1834). He came over the England with Prendergast in 1821 where he completed his apprenticeship and rose through the ranks of jockeys on the English turf. He won the Epsom twice, in 1834 (riding Plenipotentiary) and 1841 (riding Coronation). He died, possible as a result of injuries he had sustained in a turf accident, at Newmarket in 1842. I have not been able to uncover anything of Patrick's origins with certainty but my DNA ancestry (and therefore Patrick's) is unequivocaly South Irish, from around Co Cork or Co Kerry. I have no baptism to point to with certainty but he gave his two daughters the names of Ellen and Mary Ann, which may provide some clue.




Additional Information
Date of Birth 1806 (circa)  
Date of Death 9th Apr 1842  

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