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Date of Birth 1783 (circa)  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Catherine Rabbitte 1783 - 1851 not 100% sure of the spelling of surname and dates.  
Names of Children They had 3 sons we know of. They were Patrick and John Creevy. Patrick born 1808 and John 1802. They were both sent to Australia as convicts in 1833. Another son, Bernard aka Bryan, born c1811 was sent to NSW per "Surrey" as a convict in 1836  
Townland born Son, Patrick Creevy, was probably born at Horseleap in Clara/Horseleap/Ardnucher Parish, Westmeath.  
New Type A nephew, Lackey (Malachi) Creevy, born c1798 was also transported in 1833 with sons Patrick & John per "Royal Admiral"  
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  • He also had a 3rd son who was transported to NSW per the "Surrey" in 1836 his name was Bryan (aka Bernard) born c1811.  Along with his sons Patrick and John Creevy, a nephew, Lackey (Malachi) Creevy was also transported in 1833 per the "Royal Admiral" for the same offence.    

    It appears that son Patrick Creevy  was born at Horseleap near Kilbeggan, Westmeath .   On Patrick Creevy Jnr's daughter's birth certificate, for which Patrick was the informant, he states his place of birth to be Oslif, Westmeath, Ireland.  It is fairly certain that Oslif should be Horseleap and no doubt Patrick's accent caused the place name to be incorrectly transcribed.  


    Friday 30th August 2019, 11:09PM
  • Hi Maggie, yes, we have come to the same conclusion regarding “Oslif and Horseleap”.  Lovely to hear from you.  Do you have any other info on Patrick and Catherine!  I am planning a visit to Ireland in 5 weeks and would love as much info as I can get before visiting.  Would be glad to share photos or anything else I find whilst there. Kind regards Trina


    Saturday 31st August 2019, 03:02AM