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I have a DORGAN family website: dorgan-family.com

Looking to contact any DORGANs from or in East County Cork, USA or Australia.

Here are some facts about Patrrick Dorgan AKA Patrick Dargan, My GG Grandfather: 


This valuation records that Patrick Dargan appears three times as an occupier “at will” (#14: land, #17: house, office & land, #19: land). The immediate lessor was Thomas G. Durden. There is a notation next to #17 that is difficult to read. I believe it says “3 leases, made about 1817”.

Patrick Dargan

Valuation date: 13 Aug 1847

Townland: Carrigkilter

Parish: Ballintemple

Barony: Imokilly

County: Cork

Lessor/other last name: McCarty

Book type: Tenure book

Reference code: OL/6/137

NAI microfilm reference: MFGS/47/6

Archive: National Archives of Ireland



This valuation states that Patrick Dargan had a “Piggery and Cow House”.

Patrick Dargan

Valuation date: 25 Apr 1848

Townland: Carrigkilter

County: Cork

Book type: House book

Reference code: OL/5/511

NAI microfilm reference: MFGS/46/18

Archive: National Archives of Ireland

Country: Ireland

Record set: Ireland Valuation Office books

Category: Census, Land & Substitutes

Subcategory: Land & Estates

Collections from: Ireland




Role: occupier

Year: 1853

Printing date: 1853-06-27




Poor Law Union: MIDDLETON

County: Cork

Lessor's first name(s): THOMAS G.

Lessor's last name: DURDIN

Occupier's first name(s): PATRICK

Occupier's last name: DARGAN

Act: 15&16

Record set: Griffith's Valuation 1847-1864

Category: Census, Land & Substitutes

Subcategory: Land & estates

Collections from: Ireland

The Griffith’s Valuation Map of Carrigkilter is here. Patrick leased 8A,8B,8C.


Patrick is listed in the Valuation of Tenements 1855 in Carrigkilter, Ballintemple (Churchtown South) as Patrick DARGAN.  Maurice Cusack leased the land in Carrigkilter before 1855 and Patrick DARGAN later leased the same land about 1855. The landlord's name was Thomas Garde Durdin, a descendant of William Penn who founded Pennsylvania. Thomas Garde Durdin would arrive in East Cork from England each year to collect the rents.  While in Cork he stayed at one of his estates: Shanagarry "Castle" or Sunville House. Thomas Garde Durdin is listed in Griffith’s Valuation, June 1853 - Civil Parish of Balliintemple, Barony of Imokilly as being the Landlord with an Office, Land and Plantation.

In the 1855 Landlord Index of “County Cork Encumbered Estates” (Volume 4, FHL Film No. 25883), Thomas Garde Durdin, Esq. sold his land holdings at auction on 19 June 1855.  At the time he held the “Lands of Killderrig, Carrigkilter, Coalvodig otherwise Sunviille, Ballybraher West, Snugborough, Ballyronahan, Ballybraher East, Ballinamona, and part of Shanagarry - 19 June 1855 - (lot maps).”

This is the date that Patrick Dargan “bought” his farm ... a farm that he had formerly “leased” from Thomas Garde Durdin.  This is the first recorded Dorgan “deed of sale” since the English Reformation of the late 1500s.  I have a copy of this deed from the Dublin Archives.

In the 1880s, the Land Reform Acts went into effect sponsored by Michael Davitt of the Irish Parliament and later by Charles Stewart Parnell a member of the House of Commons of the English Parliament.  The Land Acts sought reform in three areas called the three F's:  Freedom of Rent, Freedom of Tenure and Freedom from Eviction without trial.  Amazingly, the Protestant landowners peacefully went back to England in the 1880s and 1890s never to return to their estates.  The tenant farmers continued to pay their rents to the State in the 1880s and 1890s.  After the 1920s the State made these tenant farmers the actual "owners" of the lands they once leased!


Thanks for any response!

Bill Dorgan



Additional Information
Date of Birth 1820 (circa)  
Date of Death 1882 (circa)  




  • Hi,

    My great grandmother was Mary Dorgan born 1855, her father my 2nd great grandfather was Thomas Dorgan all from the surrounding areas of Killeagh in Cork which are areas you mention.

    Best wishes 

    Lorraine Sherrington.


    Thursday 26th November 2020, 01:34PM
  • Hi Lorraine,
    Thanks for your comment. 
    I don't have one "Thomas" in all of my DORGAN files.
    Do you know where your DORGAN ancestors are buried?
    My ancestors are at BALLYMACODA Hilltop cemetery.
    Are your ancestors in KILLEAGH Cemetery?

    Bill Dorgan



    Thursday 26th November 2020, 02:02PM
  • I really am not sure, Mary's marriage certificate shows her place of residence as Killeagh. The 1901 census shows her place of residence Ballycarnane Killeagh.  She married Laurence Broe. The only family I can confirm in Killeagh are my Kennedy relatives. But I do have a few Dorgans in my tree.


    Thursday 26th November 2020, 03:43PM
  • Sorry for the very late response.

    Would you have any DORGAN in or around Cloyne or Churchtown South?

    Please visit my family website for all my known DORGAN ... www.dorgan-family.com

    Bill Dorgan


    Sunday 29th August 2021, 10:52PM