Patrick FitzSimons 18331833

Patrick FitzSimons 1833

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Place of migration
Migrated to/Born in USA

Patrick FitzSimons, son of Michael & Suzanna (Murphy) FitzSimons.  Born on the farm Moneybot (Monabot) in the Townland of Saul, Co. Down in c.1833.

Immigrated to South Elgin, Illinois USA.  Arrived New York City May 3, 1851.  Probably following over James O'Connor., son of Patrick & Mary (Laverty) O'Connor, from the Townland of Struell, Co. Down. 

Patrick's paternal grandmother was Rose O'Connor.  Picture is of Patrick on his wedding day in 1855.  He married Elizabeth Kavanagh, from Utica, New York, USA who was born .c 1828 in Ardsallagh, Co. Meath.   Her parents were Michael & Rose Ellen (Hyland) Kavanagh who emigrated in 1850.

Picture of Elizabeth:

Elisabeth FitSimons nee Kavanagh 1828 (picture 1855)


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1833
Date of Death 9th Aug 1910
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Elizabeth Kavanagh, from Utica, New York, USA who was born .c 1828 in Ardsallagh, Co. Meath.
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Suzanna (Murphy) FitzSimons
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Michael FitzSimons


  • To have photography of this quality from 1855 is remarkable. Hopefully, there are some connections left in Saul, County Down or even from Ardsallagh in County Meath.

    IrelandXO Moderator LC

    Tuesday 21st April 2020 02:48PM
  • Information of Landlords of Townlands of Saul (Parish of Saul) & Struell (Parish of Down):

    Manor of Downpatrick in existence since 1403 - "Topographical Dictionary of Ireland" by S. Lewis, 1837.
    The following is from: "Downpatrick & Lecale" by JP & MM Donnelly, 1980
    Granted to Edward Cromwell, a relation of Oliver Cromwell, in 1603.
    Edward Southwell, married Elizabeth Cromwell in 1703 & acquired as her dowry the Manor of Down. Edward was
    the son of Sir Robert Southwell, who accompanied William III to Ireland.
    Edward, son of Edward & Catherine Southwell, was created Baron de Clifford. He died in 1777 & his son, also
    Edward, died in 1832.
    In 1834 the estates were sold to David G. Ker of Montalto, Ballynahinch, Co. Down. (Downpatrick Estate - 7,283
    acres) (Owned 20,544 Acres in Co. Down)
    In 1874 John Mulholland, later the 1st Baron Dunleath, purchased the lands. (1876 6,769 acres Valuation £10,668)
    1835, 1852 & 1859 - David S Ker was MP for Downpatrick
    David S Ker died Oct 8, 1878 (age 62, insolvent & an alcoholic)
    1874 - John Mulholland, later Baron Dunleath, was MP for Downpatrick John Mulholland died Dec 11, 1895 (75)
    On Jan 19, 1912, Lord Dunleath, (son of John, Henry Lyle Mulholland, 1854 - 1931) chairman of the Sir EdwardCarson Unionist Defense Fund, wrote Carson that "the people connected with the Ulster industries will supply any money you may require in the course of the next two years."
    1867 - William Keown was MP for Downpatrick (Struell) William Keown died Jan 19, 1877 (60)
    ARTICLES in the DOWN RECORDER (newspaper)
    In the Jan. 14, 1860 edition, in the article - "Reminiscences of the Middle & Latter End of the Eighteenth Century" - In
    the 1700s land in the Demesne of Down was not cut into fields as at present, but let in larger parcels called "Parks",
    composing from 8 to 10 or 12 & 15 acres. In the Manor of Down the letting was by the townland, 1/2 townland or 1/4
    townland & not in farms, by the acre, as at present.
    NOTE: In the Southwell Rentals 1751 -> 1752, in the Demesnes of Down, Horse Park is not mentioned, but #66 is
    called FitzSimons Park, tenant is James O'Corran. (Parks = some sort of grazing right, given by lease not freehold)
    A Pat FitzSimons was demised in 1658. (Demised = To transfer an estate by will or lease)
    In the March 7, 1868 edition, in the article - "Ulster Protestant Defence Association" - A meeting was held at the Ulser
    Hall with John Mulholland, J.P., High Sheriff of Down present. Wm Keown sent a letter apologizing for not attending
    & when the Reform Bill of England was mentioned there were cries of "No Surrender!". (Reform Act gave the vote to
    every adult male householder)
    In the Jan, 26, 1878 edition, in the article - "Landlord & Tenant. Dinner to the Tenantry on the Keown-Boyd Estates" -
    Tenants of Ballydugan, Struell & Lissare were entertained to dinner at the Ballydugan House (See attached photo) by
    the young landlord, Richard Keown-Boyd, Esq., J.P. (Wm Keown, brother & Land Agent, also attended. Wm had also
    been Land Agent for their father). Some of those also attending were: Felix Connor (Senior & Junior), Struell; Francis
    Connor Snr, Struell & Michael FitzSimons, Struell. Felix Connor, Jr. sang after dinner. (Note: Michael FitzSimons of
    Moneybought & Francis O'Connor were executors on the will of John Maglenon of Slievegran, who died 3/2/1887.
    John's sons, named in his will were, Patrick, John & Thomas.) Keown-Boyd Estate was over 4,190 acres.
    In the Nov. 29, 1879 edition, in the article - "Meeting of Mr. Mulholland's Downpatrick 'Tenantry" - A meeting was
    held at the Down Hunt Arms Hotel for the purpose of returning thanks to Mr. Mulholland, MP, for his liberality in
    granting unsolicited, an abatement in the rents for the present year of 10% on all argricultural holdings. Two of those
    in attendance were: John Crangle, Moneybot & Michael FitzSimons, Moneybot. (NOTE: May have been as a result
    of the Land League, founded Oct. 21, 1879, activities. Also the 1879 harvest was the worst since An Gorta Mór. There
    had been a series of bad harvests beginning in 1877.)



    Saturday 3rd October 2020 08:58PM

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