Patrick Gorman 1873

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Date of Birth 15th Apr 1873  
Date of Death 12th Feb 1940  
Occupation Tailor.  


  • Patrick's father's name was also Patrick and he died in 1892 in Keady.  He had been the engineman on a beetling machine in a mill in Tassagh.

    In 1914 Patrick moved his family (wife Mary McGeough, two daughters and three sons) to Mountjoy St in Dublin. 

    Patrick had a brother John who emigrated to Connecticut then settled in Rhode Island.  They had a sister Mary who married John Kilroy in 1917 and lived in Liverpool.  

    Johnny Canuck

    Thursday 17th September 2020, 02:35PM
  • My Grandfather was also called Patrick Gorman I dont know when he died He had a farm in Keady 22 Dunlargue road . He married Ellen Loughran she died 66years ago.they had 4 sons and one died named peter i think he was 8at the time . Does anyone know my grandfather?


    Thursday 17th September 2020, 03:19PM
  • Peter was born in Dunlargue Oct 25 1916, and as per tradition, was named after his paternal grandfather Peter Gorman.
    His parents, Patrick Gorman (or Gormill) and Ellen Loughran  were married Dec 23 1915 in Keady.   
    His brother Patrick was born Feb 1, 1918, and sister Mary Elizabeth born April 6, 1919.   Again per tradition, first daughter named after maternal grandmother Mary McAtaney. 

    Ellen's  parents were Owen Loughran and Mary McAtaney.   On the 1911 census the family were living at #8 Carricklane, Middletown, Co.Armagh.   Owen was already deceased before 1901.  Mary was 70.  Ellen had four older brothers John, Patrick, James (born in Tynan Jan 14,1869) and Francis., and a sister Mary Anne,  per 1901 census.     Owen may have died April 16,1899; witness was daughter Elizabeth (?).   Could this be Ellen or a daughter-in-law?  

    Hope some of this is new info for you.

    John in canada

    Johnny Canuck

    Thursday 17th September 2020, 05:55PM
  • Also, fyi, there is a death registration of a Peter Gorman who died July 14 1928 in Armagh at age 11.   This matches the age of Peter born Oct 2016.   The registration # at PRONI is 1928/11/1002/27/267.

    Johnny Canuck

    Johnny Canuck

    Thursday 17th September 2020, 06:38PM
  • Patrick Loughran, son of Owen,  married Alice Donnelly on April 6 1920 in Keady.
    James Loughran, son of Owen,  married Margaret Hughes on Dec 27 1915. A witness was Ellen Gormal (likely Ellen Loughran who married Patrick Gormill/Gorman/Gormal, 4 days earlier.  

    Johnny Canuck

    Johnny Canuck

    Thursday 17th September 2020, 06:56PM
  • Hello Johnny. Thank you so much for sending me this information. I am amazed. I have always wanted to know. all about my ancestors. It's fascinating. Are we related? My father's name was Henry Kevin Gorman dob 08/06/1921.he was known as Kevin He is deceased RIP He had 3brothers including Peter. Patrick and James. 3 sister's Mary. Kathleen. and Clare all deceased .Can please tell me how to find out about my grandparents. Kind regards maureen farrell

    Sunday 20th September 2020, 07:51PM
  • Hi Maureen, well I think I've given you as much as I can, using census of 1901 and 1911, plus Civil registrations on

    There was a Peter Gorman, farmer, in Dunlargue in 1897 with 20 acres.  I cannot find I cannot find the death record of Peter  but in the 1901 census in Dunlargue there is a widow Mary Gorman with son Patrick 26 single.   Patrick was born June 22, 1870 to Peter Gormil and mary Murray.  .   Patrick is still single in 1911 census.   In 1915 Patrick Gorman marries Ellen Loughran and in 1916 Peter is born, then Patrick in 1918 (mother's name shows as Loughlin but I think it should be Ellen Loughran).  Peter dies in 1925 age 11.   I don't know of other siblings after that as they would be in Northern Ireland records (PRONI) which I do not have access to, so I do not have a record of birth of Kevin Henry in 1921.   The name Henry does appear in Gorman births and marriages in Co.Armagh going back to 1825.    

    I've given you some details on the Lougran side.     

    Good luck from here.


    Johnny Canuck

    Monday 21st September 2020, 12:49AM
  • Thanks again .John ,I will find more information on what you have given me. Also would be very interested on my grandmothers side ,as she used to look after us when we were small .

                         Regards Maureen




    Monday 21st September 2020, 01:44PM

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