Patrick Hennessy  1818

Patrick Hennessy 1818

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in USA
Additional Information
Date of Birth 18th Mar 1818  
Date of Death 4th Mar 1905  


  • Well this could be my Hennessy's or not?  Can you find out where he immigrated to?  Is Patrick related to John Hennessy and Michael Hennessey (spelled with an "ey"?



    Kathy Boone

    Saturday 11th September 2021, 03:42AM
  • Hi Kathy,

    Patrick Hennessy immigrated to Boston, Massachusetts in 1839. He then went to Providence, Rhode Island along with his five other brothers (James, Bartholomew, John - and possibly Michael and William as well as his father, James (1787-1862). In 1859, Patrick left Providence, RI for Washington County, Arkansas. He became a highly successful farmer of the Civil War and Reconstruction Era. 

    His descendants live in the Southern US. He was my third great granduncle. His brother, John (1820-1902) was my third great grandfather.

    What do you think is your connection to Patrick, or the Hennessy family for that matter?

    Curiously, I have found that the spelling ("ey" vs "y" is irrelevant) My grandmother had two uncles who argued over this! One spelled it Hennessy, the other, Hennessey...


    Sunday 19th December 2021, 12:48AM

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