Patrick Joseph Hogan 1897

Patrick Joseph Hogan 1897

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in USA

Patrick Hogan was my great-grandfather. He lived 1897-1973. Born in Holycross, Tipperary, lived most of his Irish life in Cashel, Tipperary. As a young man fought as an ordnance man in the 3rd Tipperary Brigade. He also claimed to have fought in the Easter Rising, but I can't substantiate that. He went to prison and got out, but was being followed by the authorities in the hopes he would lead them to other fighting men. To avoid that, he got on a boat to Halifax, Nova Scotia and walked/hitchhiked his way westward. He entered the US at Detroit and walked/hitchhiked his way eastward to New York. There, he married a girl from Cashel (the sister of one of his comrades). He went back to Ireland, taking my grandfather with him, in the 1930s for about two years (I think), and he joined the defense forces while he was there. He couldn't secure the military pension he tried for or find other work, so he returned to the US.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 3rd Feb 1897  
Date of Death 14th Jan 1973  

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