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The name PATRICK.

My great/greatgrandfather was Patrick Leary.He lived in Ballynabloun,St.Finian's Bay, Co. Kerry

He was alive in 1852(G.P.V.) and possibly beyond.At that time he owned a house and his son

John had the farm.It has been said that Patrick lived to be ninety years old but we don't have proof

because it was pre Civil Registration.Patrick had son Paddy born circa 1814.He had grandson

Pats Leary (1863-1925) my grandfather, who has been already documented in The Chronicles here.

He in turn had a son Patrick (1915-1977) and his brother Jeremiah had a son Patrick(myself) born May 3rd 1950.

Maura and I have a daughter Patricia born 11th Jan.1982.Our son John and his partner Nastazia have a son

Patrick born 12th Nov.2020.He is sixth in line from the original Patrick who was alive in 1852.

On my mothers side  The Donoghues she had a brother Patsy (1914-1982), an uncle Patrick Joseph (1878-1939)

a granduncle Patrick born 1853 and a greatgranduncle Patrick(1798-1881).So Patrick ranks very much a name

on both sides of my family.

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