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Patrick Kelley husband of Margaret Callan (1809-1887) was born about 1800 and died January 26, 1883 in Ballyara Galway Ireland.  Patrick and Margaret were the parents of Cecilia (1845-1932), Catherine (1848-?), Winifred (1851-?), and Mary (1851-1906),  Margaret was born about 1809 and died December 24, 1887 in Ballyaraha Bullaun Loughrea Galway

Cecilia Kelley married Darby Finerty.  They were the parents of John (1870-1883), Mary (1872-?), Patrick (1874-?), James (1876-?), Michael (1879-?), Timothy (1886-?) and Darby (1892-?).

John Finertywas born May 1, 1870 and died June 22, 1883 in Bullaun Loughrea Galway

Mary Finertywas born March 19, 1872 in Bullaun Loughrea Galway and married Martin King.  They were the parents of Catherine King (1898-?) and Patrick Joseph (1900-?)

Patrick Finertywas born July 2, 1874 in Bullaun Loughrea Galway

James Finertywas born November 17 1876 in Bullaun Loughrea Galway and married Mary Bourke.  They were the parents of Martin Finerty born 1909.

Michael Finerty was born September 1 1879 in Ballyaraha Bullaun Loughrea Galway.  Michael immigrated to the US in 1906

Darby was born July 6, 1892 in Ballyara Galway 

Catherine Kelly was born October 10, 1848 in New Inn Galway

Mary J Kelly immigrated to the US about 1867 and married Patrick Kelly in Milford Massachusetts in 1870

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1890  
Date of Death 26th Jan 1883  

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