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Pictured here are my granduncles Patrick Laughrea (1861-1954) and Peter Laughrea (1875-1964).

Patrick and Peter Laughrea

They are the grandchildren of Irish immigrants Patrick Loughry (1800 Tyrone — 1886), Mary Patton (1802 Donegal — 1854), John Sullivan (1811 Wexford, Ireland — 1892) and Mary Prendergast (1809 Kilkenny, Ireland — 1874), who all immigrated in Quebec in 1832. Patrick, Peter and their brother Thomas Laughrea (1868-1966) lived all their lives on what is known as Laughrea Road in St Pierre de Broughton, Quebec.

The presence of these three bachelor brothers along the same road for their whole lives led it to be officially called Laughrea Road (“Chemin Laughrea”, or “Chemin des Laughrea”).

Despite being a farmer his whole life, Peter always wore a tie!

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