Place of migration
Migrated to/Born in UK

Born Shanvaghera to father Thomas Lavin and believed mother was Honor. Patrick Lavin bachelor Labourer of Shanvaghera married Mary Anne Lavin spinster Milliner 7 Jan 1865 at Knock. Fathers Thomas Lavin, Labourer and Patrick Lavin, Tailor. Witnesses Charles Lavin & Margaret Lavin . Believe Mary Ann's mother was Margaret. Emigrated to Leeds, Yorkshire circa 1868 and Patrick became a stoker at Leeds Gasworks where he died of heart failure 17 Nov 1897. Children born Shanvaghera Thomas 1865-1919 and Anna Maria 1867-83. Children born Leeds Patrick 1869-1908, Margaret Agnes 1872-72, Margaret Agnes 1875-76, Charles 1876-78, Ellen (my grandmother) 1880-1967 and Honora Elizabeth 1882-?? (called Anne within the family)

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1843 (circa)
Date of Death 17th Nov 1897

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