Patrick Morgan O'Connor 1870


Hello, I am introducing my Great Grandfather, Patrick Morgan O'Connor.

I have obtained some of his records from correspondence with the Mallow Heritage Center 27/28 Bank Place Mallow Co. Cork, for example, his Church Baptism Record, showing these particulars:

  • Name Patrick Morgan O Connor

  • Priest: T. Buckley, Ballyclough (RC), Cork,

  • Date of Baptism / Birth 20/03/1870 Address

  • Parish / District BALLYCLOUGH

  • Gender Male

  • County Co. Cork

  • Denomination Roman Catholic

  • Father Denis O Connor

  • Mother Margaret Madden Occupation

  • Sponsor 1 Morgan Madden Sponsor 2 Mary Sheedy

  • Notes: "Mothers name spelt as (Margarett)"

I am currently searching more information about his parents, Denis and Margarett, and as far back down the O'Connor name line as I can, mostly because I have a strong curiosity to connect family stories to facts, if possible. Both names Morgan and Mortimer have been passed down in our family line here today but honestly, I was most surprised to find a Denis at all! It was like finding a stranger at breakfast when I learned the my father's (Richard Joseph O'Connor) father's (Joseph Thaddeus O'Connor) father's (Patrick himself..whose stories I have stories about!) had a father named Denis, instead of Morgan, Mortimer, or Joseph, I was rather afraid to the bring research to my family's attention. It hit, as I imagined, like a lead balloon. The long, thoughtful, silence lasted a year. The documents were pondered. The words hanging on the subject now are reduced to, "maybe they didn't get along?"  I'm not sure how that could ever be determined? Any thoughts, news, or otherwise enlightening stories would be genuinely appreciated. It does seem that Denis' father might have been named Mortimer, and so I might yet be redeemed if I can find the documents.

Patrick Morgan and Catherine 1895Patrick immigrated to the U.S.. in 1870. I have taken this past year off from family research to better learn about Ireland's history. Here in the U.S.., they teach very little. The Famine is discussed as a catalyst-tragedy that caused immegration. In contrast, the facts I am learning are staggering and are deeply changing my perspective.

Another surprise for me was to find that Patrick came through Canada! He found his way to Lynn, Massachusetts and there married Tereasa (Theresa) C. Readon. Theresa was born in Lynn, and it looks like her parents were also from Cork. I think they were Jeremiah and Anne Catherine (Carey). 

Patrick and Tereasa went on to have 8 children. Patrick was a textile merchant, which has me thinking Denis might have been a Draper or a similar merchant, because Patrick did very well for himself and his family. His daughters were debutantes received into Boston society. I wish I had been born to one of them. My grandfather, Joseph, fell in love with motorcars and then horses, to become an owner and trainer at several New England based racing tracks, as did his oldest son, Joseph (Buckey) O'Connor. They ran OC Stables out of Scarborough Downs, Rockingham Park, and Suffolk Downs. Sadly, they didn't manifest any great winners. Patrick's other children went on to great success in politics and society. Most namely, his son Mortimer Phillip O'Connor went on marry the President of Panama's daughter, and then to work in the cabinet of President Eisenhower.

I am happy to answer any questions or tell more stories, if anyone is interested. I am reaching out, and grateful for the opportunity.

Smiles of thanks,

Colette O'Connor


Additional Information
Date of Birth 20th Mar 1870 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 26th Apr 1952 VIEW SOURCE


  • hello, I am wondering if you have read any history from the 1300's? In a story about The Battle of Dysert O"Dea, 1318 there is mention of a Feilim O'Connor who

    fought alongside Connor O'Dea and ended a skirmish with the AngloNorman troops killing Richard deClare.The battle was  on a hill called Scamhall.This history is from a book published by Risteard Ua Croinin and the Dysert O"Dea clan association.This area is in Co. Clare next door to co. Cork.

    Barbara Babcock(Dee)


    Sunday 16th September 2018, 06:56PM
  • Smiles hello, Dee- with great thanks for your recommendation! No, I have not read anything that far back about any O'Connor and really appreciate your thoughtful note. I did a quick internet search and found a bit on Wikipedia, although it didn't mention Feilim at all. I found a bit more by searching his name, and the free book on Google Reads was very interesting, as it had highlighted pages from "A Catechism of the History of Ireland"

    (link is here at'Connor&f=false )

    Although the dates mentioned are 1100's- into 1200's. This is very intersting as it gives me some history to learn, and maybe some of that will connect! I know our family stories mention Connaught and long ago kings but I suspect there are many different O'Connor lines that do.

    This is all wonderful food for thought that I will pursue, with gratitude.

    Sincerely, Colette

    Colette O'Connor

    Wednesday 19th September 2018, 05:00AM