Patrick Nester (or Neaster/ Nestor/ Naster) 1804

Patrick Nester (or Neaster/ Nestor/ Naster) 1804

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I'm interested in Patrick Nestor/ Naster/ Neaster. He was here in Kilmanaghan as Neaster in Griffiths along with two likely relatives Matthew and Sylvester. Three of Sylvester Nestor's descendants went to US. Two of Patrick's daughters tried their luck in South Australia. Both last resided in Offaly before migration, but I'm not sure if either was born there. I'm descended from one of them, Ann.who arrived in Australia on the Lord of the Isles in 1854. Her sister Ellen arrived five years later.

I have found a DNA connection with descendants of Ann and Ellen, as well as of Sylvester Nestor's daughter who went to US. Sylvestor married Mary Meliff in 1835 in Tubber.

Am searching (for decades) for the ancestors of Ann and Ellen Nestor, particularly their mother. Their father Patrick Nester was reportedly a butcher working on an estate for a Lord Tullamore (Kings) or Tullymore (Antrim), most likely Lord Tullamore as he died in Ballard in 1869 and was living there near Charleville Castle in 1955 (Griffiths)

Patrick was born about 1804 and died at Ballars in 1869. He married mary Halliday in 1835 in Tubber and Mary died in Clara in 1893.




Additional Information
Date of Birth 1804 (circa)  
Date of Death 5th May 1869 VIEW SOURCE
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Mary Halliday VIEW SOURCE
Occupation Herd 1869, butcher 1850s  

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