Place of migration:
Stayed in Ireland

Patrick Sullivan was baptised 3rd June 1795 in Cashel town the son of John Sullivan and Mary Hogan.

Patrick married Mary McGrath address the Kiln on the 29th November 1828 in Cashel. The marriage was witnessed by Richard McGrath and Mary Sullivan. This was a double wedding as Richard McGrath married Mary Sullivan on the same day.

Patrick and Mary had 6 confirmed of children

John 25th Jan 1828

Bridget 28th Sep 1829

Margaret 9th July 1831

Michael 5th Dec 1833

Mary 9th April 1838

Annie 14th Feb 1841

Descendants of only one of the children have been documented.

Mary born 1838 married Thomas Hegney in Cashel 13th October 1863.Mary was the informant on the death of her father Patrick 21st October 1880.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 3rd Jun 1795  
Date of Death 21st Oct 1880  

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