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Pádraig Ó Tuachair aka Patrick Tucker was a small farmer in the townland of Farnane, Murroe, Co. Limerick in the early 19th century. He does not appear to have survived the Great Irish Famine (1845-51). He may also appear on record spelled as Pat Toher, Patt Tougher, Patrick Tooker etc. 

  • On 4 July 1818, Patrick Tucker & Mary Hannigan of Farnane, Murroe, Co. Limerick record the baptism of their daughter Sarah in the RC parish of MURROE & BOHER – the earliest baptism on record by this couple (and the only one confirming their address).It is unlikely that Sarah survived infancy as her godfather, Michael Kelly, was re-invited to godparent her sister Mary in 1821 (who also appears to have died in infancy). 
  • In 1826 Patrick Tucker was recorded in the Tithe Applotment Books for the townland of Farnane, Munroe, Co. Limerick. A Michael Ryan was living next-door to Tucker. In fact, there were two Michael Ryans recorded as landholders in Farnane at this time, in 1853 his neighbour was distinguished by hair colour as "Black Michael Ryan" in Griffith's Valuation (the other being Michael the son of Henry Ryan).
  • In 1836, Patrick Tucker and his sister Kitty Tucker were both invited to godparent for James Commons aka Cummins & Mary Ryan.
  • In 1853 his widow, Mary Tucker, is recorded in Farnane in house #20a. She was a sub-tenant of Widow Sarah Costelloe (1783-1867) of Farnane House at #1a.  John Tucker (1796-1872) is residing at #6a Farnane. 

His godparenting invitations strongly suggest that John Tucker and Kitty Tucker were his sibings. And that Catherine & Brigid Hannigan were his sisters-in-law. Michael Kelly (x3 invites) and Edmund Nunan / Noonan (x2 invites) were also important family members. Other relatives included Mary Ryan, Ned Moore, Catherine Kelly, Mary Kelly, and Sally Meeghan.


Michael Tucker m. Ellen Carroll / m. Mary Casey | Edmund aka Ned Tucker & Mgt. Bourke | James Tucker & Mary Murphy of Belvedere (bro. of Ned) |  Thomas Tucker & Biddy Malley (bro. of Jim, Ed, & Mary Tucker) | Edmund Tucker m. Mary Hayes 1817  (wit. Rev. John Ryan & Cath Costello) | Thomas O'Brien & Mary Tucker m. 1820 | Judy Tucker of Glenstal m. Larry Hartnedy 1821 | John Tucker m. Margaret Fleming 1818 (wit. John Donohue & Biddy Dwyer of Glenstal / Cappamore also Mgt Tucker of Glenstal) |  John Tucker m.  Biddy Fleming 1821 | John Tucker m. Mgt Cummins c 1839

Máire Ní Annagáin /  Ní Annragáin aka MARY HANNIGAN aka HOURIGAN aka HORGAN (Patrick Tucker's wife)

The only record of a "Mary Hannigan" godparenting in this parish is for Maurice Long & Biddy Hammond in 1840, suggesting that the jury was out as to how her surname was translated (Hannigan being a corruption of Hourigan in Irish).

"Mary Hourigan" however godparents on many occasions (there likely was more than one in the parish) for: Patrick Ryan & Cath. Cormack (1817), John O'Brien & Mary Ryan (1819), John Ryan & Biddy Whelan (1835), John Tucker & Honora 'Norry' Hourigan m. 1833 (1836), John Hourigan & Mary Ryan (1853), John Hourigan & Catherine Ryan (1854), Denis & Judy Hayes (1840); Denis McNamara & Margaret Hourigan (1842 also Hayes), Patrick Hourigan & Jane Bradshaw (1840), Timothy Keaty & Margaret Mackey (1850), Timothy O'Brien & Mary Murphy (1851),  Jeremiah O'Brien & Cath. Mackey (1855). All of the surnames highlighted in bold also appear in Farnane.

"Mary Horgan" is a once-off in 1837 godparenting for Walter Burke & Mary Kelly.


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1795 (circa)  
Date of Death 1845 (circa)  
Associated Building (s) Farnane MURROE  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden)    
Father (First Name/s and Surname)    
Townland born May have been Glenstal  
Names of Siblings John Tucker | Kitty Tucker m. William Ryan 1841 | William Tucker | Winny (Deirdre) Tucker  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Mary Hannigan (mispelled Hourigan in 1834, and Horgan in 1840)  
Place & Date of Marriage RC Parish of MURROE & BOHER  
Names of Children Sarah Tucker b.1818 | Mary Tucker b.1821 | Patrick Jr. 1825-28 | Ellen Tucker b.1828 | Patrick Tucker Jr. b. 1830 | Bridget Tucker b. 1832 | Judith Tucker b. 1834 |  
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  • Hello, I am a direct descendant of John Tucker & Honora 'Norry' Hourigan. I am looking into writing up my own ancestor chronicle for them and happened upon this entry. I am thrilled to find this. I have been going on the assumption that Patrick & John were possibly brothers and Mary & Honora may have been sisters. Due to records not preceeding 1815 have yet to confirm this information. This chronicle has definitely helped. Thank you.

    Peggy Chrusciel

    Peggy C65

    Saturday 11th January 2020, 06:33PM

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