Patrick Sharkey Sr & Brigid Farrell appear on record at Ardmore (and Enagh) near Croghan from 1811–1869. 

On 13-Oct-1811 they baptized Martin Sharket (1811-?) at Croghan RC, inviting Bernard (Brian) Tansey and Nabitha Cunningham as godparents. 

On  27-May-1814 they baptized John Sharkey (1814-1869) at Croghan RC, inviting Bernard (Brian) Sharky and Mary Sharkey as godparents. 

On 08-Aug-1822 Michael Sharkett of Ardmore (b. 1801) was buried in Estersnow Cemetery. 

In 1832, Pat Sharkett (1798–1869) witnessed the marriage of Catherine Sharkett to Eugene Grey at Croghan.

In 1835, Pat and John Sharkett were recorded in the Ardmore Tithe records as holding 12 Irish acres of land in partnership. At the same time, Pat Sharkett held 6 Irish acres with James Lenahan in the adjoining townland of Enagh. (In 1813, Pat Sharkett was invited to godparent for John Lenahan & Elizabeth Mullany, along with Brigid Lally).

In 1858, two Ardmore farms were recorded in the names of John Sharkey (1814-1869) [GV4a,5]  and Pat Sharkey (Sr? Jr?) [GV2a]. The only Sharkey recorded in Enagh was Timothy Sharkey.

In 1866, Eliza Sharkett (b. 1843) daughter of Pat Sharket of Ardmore married Michael Collins of Curry (Kilmore) at Croghan church. 

On 11-Jan-1869 Brigid (nee Farrell) Sharkey of Ardmore died age 67 with Patt Sharkett present at death. Followed by her husband Pat Sharkey age 71 on 2-Apr-1869, with Peter Sharkey present at death.  Soon followed by their son John Sharkey (1814–1869) died, age 55, on 06-Jun-1869 with Michael Sharkey present at death. (Ballinameen civil records). 

>> Note: ages of death are unreliable and could be out by up to 10 years. 

In 1871, James Sharkett of Ardmore (son of Pat Sharket) married Margaret Donlon of Cruitt at Rodeen church. In 1873, Margaret Sharkett of Ardmore (dau of Pat Sharket) married Thomas Flanagan of Clooncur, Kilcooley at Croghan church. 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1798
Date of Death 1st Jan 1869
Associated Building (s) Ardmore townland  


  • My great-great-grandmother was Mary (Conroy) Donlan (c 1806-1891) from Ardmore, Croghan.  She married Brian Donlan.  I believe he is the Bryan Donlan in the 1824 Tithe for Ryefield.  Brian died about 1848 and Mary and their six daughters emigrated to America either late 1840’s or early 1850’s.  Mary’s death certificate from Massachusetts shows her parents as Luke Conroy and Mary Sharkey.  Mary had brothers Luke, Patrick, John, Bernard, and Bartholomew.  They all emigrated except Bartholomew who remained in Ardmore and died there in 1882.  The Tithe and Griffiths showed Conroys and Sharkeys occupying land together in Ardmore.  The marriage certificate of Mary’s brother, John Conroy, in 1859 in Massachusetts showed his parents as Luke Conroy and Bridget (surname not shown).  So, it is likely that Mary’s mother was Bridget Sharkey rather than Mary Sharkey.  John clearly would have known his mother’s name whereas Mary’s daughters may have known that her mother was a Sharkey but weren’t sure of her first name.  I would like to hear from any Sharkey descendants who may have had DNA taken to see if we are a match.  Thank you.


    Monday 30th January 2023 05:44AM
  • My 2nd g-grandfather was John Sharkey (1814-1869). I believe he is mentioned in this article. I believe John's parents were Patrick Sharkey and Bridget Farrell. I have had my DNA done at and have posted it on If you wish to check our DNA or family trees, I am open questions, etc.


    Tuesday 12th September 2023 08:36PM

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