Peter Henry 1871

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My Grandfather, Peter Henry, was bon in Ke(a)sh, Drumrat parish on 1st October 1871 a son of Thomas Henry, mother's name unknown. Unfortunately I cannot find information about the family as the GRO for Ireland cannot trace him and the Parish records for that tie are missing.  He was taken to England at the age of 4 and lived in Yorkshire, becoming a miner for the rest of his life.  He became one of the best-known public men in the area in which he lived.  He became treasurer of a branch of the Yorkshire Mineworkers Association, then after moving to another mine, became their delgate to the association for many years.He took over as president of his branch, a position he held util his death.  

Peter was one of the founder embers of the Hemsorth Divisional Labour Party in 1917, and was vice-president until succeeding to be president in 1921. He held that office for 17 years, retiring due to failing health.  He was very pround of th local divisions achievements.  Apart from his political and trade union activities, Peter was active in Local government affairs. The list is long, beginning with membership fo the Hemsworth Rural District Counil, being chairman in Silver Jubilee year and receiving the King's Jubilee Medal. He wa also chairman of a number of council sub-committees and a Governor of Hemsworth Grammar School. He was a member of the South   Hiendley Parish Council (where he lived) for 26 years, serving also as chairman.

Peter married Martha Partridge, who lived in Hemsworth, and they had 17 children, 13 of whom lived, 4 daughters and 9 sons.  I must say that my grandmother was definitely in charge of them, they didn't get away with very much! Two of his sons, William and Peter were also involved with local government. 

Peter died on 7th April 1939 and the Requiem Mass was held at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Hemsworth with Fr. Daly officiating.  Apart from the family, the list of those present is a very long one.


See Mary Ann Henry (m.1922 at Keash Church) – Michael Flatley's paternal grandmother





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Date of Birth 1st Oct 1871  
Date of Death 7th Apr 1939  

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