Peter Marshall 1804

Peter Marshall 1804

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From a letter by XXXXXXX Jan 4, 1997.

     Here is what he remembers his Aunt Mattie saying about the Marshall family:  The Marshall's were from Dublin, Ireland.  About 1830, they moved to England and lived there about three years.  Just long enough to earn the passage money to New York.  While there they had a daughter born to them, which didn't live very long.  He seems to recall her name as Teresa.  When Peter & family arrived in New York, he worked mostly in construction.  When the work ran out, they moved to Illinois, so he could work on the canals they were building about that time.  Peter was married twice.  His first wife was Jane Bell and his second wife was Sarah Jane Scott.  I have been told that one of the Janes died in 1864, prompting him to enlist to get the bounty money which was offered.  By this time he was 60 years old and had white hair and beard.  He died his hair and beard brown and claimed that he was 40 .  As desperate as they were for men at that time, few questions were asked.

The above story is very close to the story that two other descendants of Peter Marshall had passed down.  With the exception that we were told that Peter & Jane Bell had a daughter while in living in England/Northern Ireland her name was Catherine Marshall.  The Theresa mentioned above died during the voyage to America.  Peter settled in Will County, ILLinois for most of his life.  The last 5 years he lived with one of his daughter's & her family in Centralia, MO.  Peter is burried in Centralia, MO.  

Peter & Jane Bell had 10 children: Catherine Marshall 1831-1915, Teresa Marshall 1833-1833, John Marshall 1835-1917, Jane Marshall 1841-1928, Peter Marshall Jr 1847-1929, Mary Ann Marshall 1844-1936, Susan Marshall 1851-1923, Sarah Ann Marshall1856-1896, James Marshall 1837-1837, Martin Marshall 1844-1845.  Peter Marshall & Jane Bell were both born in Dublin, Ireland.  I was told that Peter & Jane married 4 October 1830 in County Wicklow.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 2nd Jan 1804  
Date of Death 2nd Dec 1892  

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