Peter Gorham 1837

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Peter was born in Clifden, County Galway about 1837.  Parents were Thomas Gorham and Ann M. Griffin.  He emigrated to the US, arriving in New York on 4 June 1874 and came across on the HMS Kangaroo.  It left from Liverpool England and Queenstown (Cork), Ireland.  He was married in 1868 or 1869 to Ann Gorham (1840-1926) who was originally from Roundstone, County Galway.  They had 6 (or 7 ) children inlcuding Ann Gorham (1869-1941), Danile J. Gorham (1870-1934), Anthony (ANT nee) (1872-1943), Michael Gorham (born in 1873 but nothing elese available), Patrick Alyoishus (1875-1953), Thomas Joseph Gorman (1880-1937) and Sara "Sadie" Alberta Gorham Flynn (1883-1962). 

He worked at a coal mine and lived in Ashley, Pennsylvania.  He died on 15 November 1886 when a piece of the coal mine ceiling fell on him.  At the time he was working in the Hartford Mine.  Family story was that the company carried him on a door and dumped him on the front lawn.  He burried in Ashley, Lucerne County, Pennsylvania. 

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Date of Birth 1837 (circa)  
Date of Death 1st Nov 1886  



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