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Frank Lynott aka Francis Lynott (1897-1964) was the maternal grandfather of Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott (pictured above) whose Dublin lineage connects him to a number of parishes on both sides of the Liffey.

On August 5th 1923, Frank was living at 33 Thomas Street, Dublin when he married Sarah Finn (1899-?) of Great Bride Street. Their wedding took place in the church of St Nicholas of Myra on Francis Street, witnessed by Mary B. Finn and Walter Hanophy (Hannify). They had 10 children.

  • In 1930, their youngest daughter Philomena Lynott (the mother of Phil Lynott) was born in the Liberties.

  • In 1934 the family moved to 85 Leighlin Road in Crumlin.

  • In 1947, Philomena (age 17) followed her sisters and brothers to Leeds, England. She was working as a nurse when her mother Sarah, age 51, had a 'late baby' Peter Lynott back in Crumlin.

  • In 1948, in Birmingham, Philomena met Phil Lynott's father, Cecil Parris (who emigrated from Georgetown, British Guiana in 1947).

  • Philip Parris Lynott (1949-1986) was born in England but at age 4 returned to Dublin. 

  • His grandparents Sarah (nee Finn) & Frank Lynott raised him in Crumlin with Peter (just two years older than him) like a brother. 

Frank Lynott was the son of Florence Emily McDermott (1864-1909) & John Francis Lynott (1852-1921) who was a clerk in DUI Co. As was the case for most inner-city Dubliners in rented tenements, they moved frequently. For this reason, their records turn up in a variety of civil parishes. 

  • In 1888, they were residing at 6 George's Place (parish of St George) when their son Henry was born.

  • By the following year, they were in the parish of St Mary at Graham row, and at 5 Henrietta Street in 1895.

  • In 1897, when Frank was born, the family were living at Wellington Place (parish of St Mary).

  • By 1901, the Lynotts were living in Lower Rutland Street (parish of St George) Dublin 1. 

  • In 1909, Florence died young (age 45) and her sister, Jane McDermott (b. 1869) moved in and helped raise the family

  • By 1911 the family were living in Gloucester Street Lower Dublin 8 (parish of St Thomas).

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The father of John Francis Lynott was Charles Lynott (possibly from Co. Mayo).


Lynott aka Lionóid son of Lionot (possibly a diminutive of Leonard, certainly from the same root, and meaning 'little lion.'  The Lynotts settled at an early period in Tirawley, Co. Mayo, (Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall )

Additional Information
Date of Birth 10th Oct 1897 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 20th May 1964  
Associated Building (s) St Nicholas of Myra FRANCIS ST  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Sarah Finn VIEW SOURCE
Names of Children Philomena Lynott (1930-2019) Peter Lynott (1947-)  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) John Francis Lynott (1852-1921) 7 Frederick Lane Dublin 1 VIEW SOURCE
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Florence McDermott (1864-1909) room keeper at 44 Lr Tyrone Street (married 1886). VIEW SOURCE
Names of Siblings Henry Lynott (b. 1888) | Ellen Lynott (b. 1889) | Florence Lynott Jr (b. 1894) | Edward/ Edmund Lynott Jr (b. 1895) | Henry Lynott (7 Frederick Lane Dublin in 1921).  
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Census 1911: LYNOTT Gloucester Street Lr, Dublin Ireland VIEW SOURCE

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