Richard Óg Barrett

Richard Óg Barrett

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Richard Óg Barrett of Carrigrohane, Co. Cork

The Barrett chief, Richard Óg Barrett, married Peter de Cogan’s daughter.

This allowed the Barretts to seize Carrigrohane Castle as their headquarters circa 1363. This castle remained the Barrett headquarters from approximately 1370 to 1436, when the castle was sold to the Fitzgerald Earl of Desmond. Carrigrohane Castle has fallen into ruin, but a sketch of how it appeared around 1800 survives.  

Upon being evicted circa 1436, they needed a new castle and purchased Ballincollig in 1468 and established their stronghold there. (See also “Clogh Mac Ulick’)


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Associated Building (s) Carrigrohane Castle, Ballincollig Castle  

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