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Date of Birth 15th Sep 1878  
Date of Death 18th Apr 1965  


  • How do I find out who posted this person as an ancestor?  Thanks


    Monday 27th July 2020, 12:14AM
  • I have a Bowen family that lived in Mt.Mellick - would like to get in touch with someone.  


    Monday 27th July 2020, 02:29AM
  • Richard Bohan was my grandfather, he was the second child of Thomas Bohan and Ellen Strafford. Thomas's parents were Peter Bohan and Eliza Scott. Mu grandfather's older sister was Catherine (Kate) who married Joseph Madden, they had four sons but only one lived to adulthood, he was also Joseph and died in Birr a batchelor so I believe that line of the family died out. After my grandfather came Mary she married Edward Rice and they had three children Edward Junior, Thomas who died as a baby and Mary Ellen.  Next came James about whom I have not been able to find any details I suspect he may have emigrated.  Joseph was next he died as a baby.  Then Thomas who died a batchelor, then Michael who died as a baby.  Then William who married Mary Mahon, I believe they had a daughter also Mary and lastly Ellen who married twice.  I have traced Ellen's family to Birr and have met some of my cousins from her family.  My father was also Richard Bohan, he died before I was born and my mother remarried when I was very young so a part from when I was new born I never met any of my paternal family until the last few years when my wife and I started to do the research.  I don't know if any of this information places you in this family tree but would love to know if it does.  Patrick   

    patrick bohan

    Monday 27th July 2020, 07:48AM
  • Starting from the top – this is what I have put together.

    Charles Raynes (1790 IE-prior to 1847 IE) + Mary Lynahan (1785 IE – died in USA)

    They had many children.  These are the pieces I have put together with gravesite information and the “story” below.

    1) Charles 1804 IE –  1886 Enfield, IL USA  (never married)

    2) Margaret Raynes   1811 Queens County, IE – 1895 Enfield, IL.

    Married to Lawrence Bowen or Bohan – born in County Cork, IE circa 1811 – 1842 or 1843 in Mt Mellick, IE . They had three children Richard 1838 Mt Mellick, IE – 1921 Enfield, IL USA.  Ann Bowen 1840 Kings County, IE – 1876 Enfiled, IL, USA  and Margaret Bowen 1842 Mt Mellick, IE – 1939 Rush Springs, Grady, OK USA.

    3) Michael 1814 IE -1883 in USA – married Margaret Fleun 1820 IE – 1851 Vergennes, Vermont, USA and had 2 children Charles  1847 Canada or IE  – 1892 Enfield, IL USA  and Anne Raynes 1851 Vergennes, VT USA  - circa 1910 Enfield, IL USA

    4) Ann 1803 – 1904

    5) Ann 1820?

    6) Mary??

    Group 1: Travel to USA left Ireland  in May 1847

    Mary Lynahan  Raynes, granddaughter Margaret Bowen, son Charles Raynes, son Michael Raynes and his wife Margaret Fleun and their son Charles and 2 more daughters that died at sea.


    Group 2:

    Margaret Raynes left to travel to England for work – she took 2 of her children Richard and Anne.  They came to the USA after the first group.  Richard might have come by himself.  Anne met Patrick Bannon (1829 County Cavan, IE – 1906 Enfield, IL ) in England and they had their first child Margaret Ellen Bannon in 1865.  They then traveled to USA to meet up with the rest of their family.  Patrick Bannon worked as a RR Porter and continued that in USA.

    Patrick and Anne made Enfield, IL their home and had 6 children:  Margaret Ellen 1865 England – 1946, Mary Anne Bannon 1866- 1902, Charles A. Bannon 1868-1962 never married, Edward Bannon 1871-1871, Ellen Elizabeth Bannon 1872- 1963 (my great grandmother) and Agnes Theresa Bannon 1874 -1899. 

    Ellen Elizabeth Bannon married Daniel Jenkins Cornelius and 2 girls – Agnes Louis Cornelius and Anna Martha Cornelius (my grandmother) .

     Anna Martha Cornelius married Robert Carl Lannert and they had one son…my father Robert C. Lannert – and I am Jacqueline Marie Lannert – now Moran, lol.


    This story was written by Margaret Bowen Coyle’s grand-daughter.


    Margaret Bowen Coyle Story - grandma is Mary Raynes (Lynan or Lynahan) married to Charles Raynes circa 1790- prior to 1847) Margaret Bowen was born in Mt. Mellick, Ireland on July 7, 1842. Her father (Lawrence Bowen/Bohan 1811 County Cork – 1842 or 1843 in Mt. Mellick) died while she was still a baby, and her mother Margaret Bowen (Raynes), finding it necessary to work, left the baby with the grandmother Mary Raynes (Lynan) and went to England, taking the two other children, a boy Richard Bowen and a girl Anne Bannon (Bowen), with her. The grandmother Mary Raynes (Lynan) and her family of a single son Charles Raynes, two single daughters, a married son Michael Raynes and his wife Margaret Flynn and child Charles Raynes , decided to come to America. They left Ireland in May 1847 bringing Margaret with them. They were so sure that they would send for Mrs. Bowen and the other children in a short time that they did not consider it necessary to notify her of their departure until they were well on their way. The journey on the ocean was made in a sailing vessel and it was more than eighty days before they landed in Boston Harbor. It was a journey fraught with sadness for the two young aunts died enroute and were buried at sea.

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    Monday 27th July 2020, 08:19PM
  • Sorry it has taken a while to reply but I have had family staying which has placed limits on my time. Your story of your family history is most interesting and gives a real feeling of the times. I have only gone back to around 1818 when my great great grandfather was born in Mountmellick.  Because I knew little or nothing about my father's family I worked forward from there as I was trying to find cousins etc. who might still be alive which I have succeeded in doing.  Peter Bohan my great great grandfather was born around 1818 and married an Eliza Scott.  It maybe that your line of the family are related to me from the generation before but I do not have any evidence of this currently.  I did find some Bohan's in the Cork area when I was doing my research but came to the conclusion they were a red herring when putting together my tree. I did not in my research find any indication of any of the family emigrating although I have not been able to find any marriage or death records for my great uncle James and my irish cousins have no knowledge of what happened to him.  My grandfather was called Richard as his maternal grandfather was Richard and as I understand it from my irish cousins this was traditional in irish families until recently.  My older brother was also Richard.  Many first names seem to be repeated through the generations which in some ways makes it easier to spot who was most likely to be part of your tree and and who is not but it can also be confusing, I seem to have many Richards, Thomass, Ellens and Esthers.  My irish Bohan cousins seem clear that the family roots were long standing in Mountmellick. It would be lovely to find that we have a family connection and I shall continue to research.  Please let me know if you can find a definite link.  Good luck with your research and best wishes Patrick.   

    patrick bohan

    Thursday 6th August 2020, 01:10PM
  • Hey Patrick - great to hear from you.  I looked further and the baptismal records I have for Richard, Anne and Margaret Bowen/Bohan are all from a village called Clonaghahoo, and there is only one Catholic Church there.  Also have you done your DNA or have a family tree?  My DNA and tree are on Ancestry and I also have my DNA on gedmatch.


    Thursday 6th August 2020, 09:34PM
  • My family tree is also on ancestry, I  have visited Mountmellick and found that my grandmother'

    s parents and a brother were buried in the churchyard there, but there was no gravestone apparently this is quite common, they were large families who lived from hand to mouth so had no money for marking graves.  I have found the churches very helpful the larger ones have a clerk and the smaller ones most of the priests are prepared to look through the records and tell you what the records show.  The Irish Geneology Web Site is also very helpful if you have not found that one.  



    patrick bohan

    Saturday 8th August 2020, 02:40PM