Robert Beaty 1815

Robert Beaty 1815

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Robert Beaty married Ann Masterson in the Diosese of Armaugh in 1839. Their first son, John Beaty was born in County Tyrone in 1840-41 and died in Vancouver Canada in 1910.

My great Grandfather, Hugh Beaty was born in Belfast in 1845 and died in Canada in 1913. It appears the Beaty family left Ireland in 1845. Ann Masterson was born in 1819 in Eire .  

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1815 (circa)  
Date of Death 1850 (circa)  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Ann Masterson  
Place & Date of Marriage in the Diosese of Armaugh in 1839  
First Child John Beaty  
Names of Children Hugh Beaty  
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  • Robert Beaty and Ann Masterson had 3 more sons born in Canada ( Robert, Alexander and James). In 1850 they were living and farming 100 acres in southern Ontario ( 120 Km/ From what is now Canada's largest city Toronto ). Robert appeared in the directory of township Townsend Norfolk County Ontario in 1850 but the 1851 Canadian Census showed Ann Beaty was widowed. We have been searching for any record of Ann and do not know her place or time of death.  


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