Robert James Millar 1883

Place of migration:
Stayed in Ireland
Additional Information
Date of Birth 1883  
Date of Death Oct 1973  
Place of Death County Galway, Clifden  


  • I can't seem to find the woman who wrote me regarding the Old Railway Station House, I'm County Galway, Clifden. So, I'm replying to you via my information my father spoke to me about. My Great Grandfather was Robert Milllar. He lived with his wife Harriet Ann Miller in Clifden, County Galway. He owned a Mill that also had a little grocery products and Candy, that he fondly would give to his grandchildren. The Mill we think was on Market Street. After the Station House closed, his son (Albert Miller) ran a bus station at the Station House. He eventually bought the old Station House and convinced my great-grandfather to move the Mill to the location. He did this we believe around the early 1950's. His son Ronny Millar took over the Mill but it was not a successful as when my great-grandfather had it and Ronny eventual closed the Mill and set up Millar's Connemara which is a very nice clothing establishment. I can't find any pictures of the Mill in Clifden (the original one) and it was famous around the world for it's wool and tweeds. If anyone, has any pictures of his Mill I would love to see some. My father who is Robert Millar's grandson on his mother's side, would be thrilled to see them. Also, my Grandfather was an Episcopal Priest. He went to school at Trinity College and received his PhD in Philosophy. His name was Desmond Charles O'Connell. He was also a Priest a Christ Church. 




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