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Robert LYONS was a farmer with land at both Drumnakilly and Cloghfin - noted in 1860 Griffith's Valuation.

a) Drumnakilly section 28 -25 acres – rented from Alexander Macausland (buildings rated 3 pounds and land 15 pounds)

b) Cloghfin (Upper Strabane, parish of Cappagh) – from Alexander Macausland, 15 acres valued at 6 pounds 5s for land and 1 pound for house (it seems to include a 'mountain' too)???? sections 7A - 7B (mountain -16 acres byt only rated at 10 shillings).  * YES this is ‘our Robert’ because in 1908 it goes to Ellen and then Robert A Lyons. The 1872 changeover wasn’t noted from ‘senior’ to ‘junior’ Robert.

He and his wife Mary (? Huston, Houston or Johnston) had at least 5 children.

1. James 1839 to 1878 (married Isabella Caldwell on 22 Mar 1866)

2. Robert 1842. Married Ellen Macfarland on 22 Feb 1872 Omagh 1st Pres.

3. Letitia 1844

4. Andrew 29 Dec 1849 Edenderry and dies 3 Aug 1869 and buried at Drumnakilly

5. Mary 16 Nov 1850 and married Alexander SMITH of Copney. 11 children and possibly doesn't died until aged 80 in 1930

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Date of Birth 1802 (circa)  
Date of Death 11th Apr 1872  

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  • Robert Lyons was my great-great grandfather.  His daughter, Mary Lyons, was my great-grandmother.  Mary was married to Alexander Smyth of Copney.  To my knowledge they had 11 children:  Jane Smyth, 1877-1894; Robert Smyth, 1879-1880; Christopher Smyth, 1881-1950; Alexander Smyth,1882-1949; Letitia Smyth, 1884-1950; Robert James Smyth, 1885-1969;  George W. Smyth, 1887-1986; Mary "Minnie" Smyth, 1888-1965; Joseph Henry Smyth, 1890; Margaret Smyth,1893-1897; and Andrew Lyons Smyth, 1895-1958.  Jane died at 17 yrs of age.  Robert died as an infant.  Margaret died at 4 yrs of age.  All of the other children of Mary and Alexander emigrated to the United States except Joseph.  Joseph became a preacher and moved to  Brighton, England. He married Cynthia Garnold. They had one son. After Immigrating to the US, the Smyth siblings changed the spelling of their last name to Smith.   Christopher settled in Chicago, Illinois.  He married Jean Sneddon Bachler.  Alexander stayed in Copney and worked the farm until both his parents had died.  He married Isabella Caves.  They had 2 sons while living in Copney.  They came to the US and settled in Pennsylvania.  They had another son and a daughter in the US.  Alexander continued farming.   Letitia came to the US and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She married an evangelist, William Anderson. Robert James was my Grandfather.  He also came to Philadelphia.  He married Eleanor Denison.  They had a son and 2 daughters.  Robert owned a grocery store.  George came to the US and went to the northwest, to Alaska to mine for gold.  He then returned to Philadelphia.  He married Lillian Crane.  They had 2 sons and one daughter. George then worked as a salesman.  Mary " Minnie" came to Philadelphia.  She worked as a housekeeper.  To my knowledge she never married.  Andrew settled in New York.  He married Helen McDonald.  They had one son.  Andrew worked at the Brooklyn Navy Ship Yard.


    Friday 28th September 2018, 12:09AM
  • Thank you for the information.



    Thursday 3rd October 2019, 05:18PM
  • Just confirmed that Mary's surname was Houston or Huston (the transcript for Andrew and Mary's birth had at least two mistakes - Andrew's DOB and the surname 'Johnstone' for Mary).

    Today I saw photos of the original register's for their baptisms in Edenderry Presbyterian church AND discovered there was another son - John - born 5 January 1846 and baptised on 21 January.


    Wednesday 8th July 2020, 01:57PM
  • PS Letitia married Joseph McIver/Ivor of Brackey in 1859 at the age of 15. They had lots of children - most of whom migrated to Rhode Island. Their daughter, Mary Letita (or L-M) married Bruce Thomas POLE in Belfast in 1898 and migrated to Sydney, Australia.


    Wednesday 8th July 2020, 02:00PM
  • Chris, Thank you so much for the update.  If Andrew's DOB was incorrect, do you know the correct date?  Where is Edenderry Presbyterian Church located?


    Wednesday 8th July 2020, 11:16PM
  • Yes, Andrew was born 29 Dec 1848.

    Edenderry is very close to Drumnakilly where the family ended up. East of Omagh, Tyrone. Use google maps.

    I haven't succeeded in finding a marriage or death for John LYONS


    Thursday 9th July 2020, 02:26AM
  • Thanks Chris!  Do you live in that area also?  At least 1/2 of my Great Grandparents were from that area. I have visited the Omagh/Carrickmore  once and hope to get back again in the next couple years (When all the pandemic concerns subside).  In the mean time I plan to find out as much as I can about my ancesters.  Thanks for your assistance.


    Thursday 9th July 2020, 02:59PM

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