Rose (Rosanna) (Rosanah)  Ann Flynn 1828

Rose (Rosanna) (Rosanah) Ann Flynn 1828

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in Australia

Rose Ann Flynn was transported to Australia on the convict ship Maria which arrived Hobart Tasmania on 23 July 1949.   She had been convicted of assualt and robbery at the October sessions Antrim County, of one Mary Jane Robinson and the theft of potatoes.   She had also been convicted of leaving a poor house and given 3 months.  For her crimes she was sentenced to 10 years transportation to the penal colony, Hobart, Australia.

Name Variants   On the various official documents her Christian name varied from Rose Ann Flynn in the Grangegorman Register of Female Prisoners 8th December, 1848;   Rosanne Flynn Convict Court Records Hobart 1850;  Rosanna Flynn Convict Employment Record Hobart 1849 to 1856;   Rosannah Flynn Convict Pardons and Ticket of Leave (Pardoned 17 June 1856);  and Rossanah Flynn Death Registration, Melbourne, Australia 1874.   Her age shown on her Grangegorman Prison Record in 1848 was 20 so I have assumed her to have being born in 1828.

Rosanna, as we shall know her, married an Irish convict from Dublin, Richard Gough on the 29 December, 1851, in Hobart.   They had four chiuldren;  Robert Gough born Hobart 30 August, 1853;  Mary Ann Gough born Hobart 26 October, 1856 (D Adelaide 23 November, 1908);  Albert Augustus Gough born Launceston 23 January, 1860 (D Launceston 20 January,1861;   and, Edmund Charles Gough born Launceston 4 July, 1861 (D 27 July, 1945) Broken Hill).   Rossana died in Melbourne on 18 December, 1874 and Richard died in Sydney September, 1906.

From that humble beginnings Rossana and Edmund's descendants have gone on to be Scientists, Health Professionals, Senior Educators in tertiary education, Doctors of Divinity, Officers in Australias defence forces and of course publicans amongst many other professions.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1828  
Date of Death 18th Dec 1874  
Associated Building (s) Antrim Workhouse  

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