Place of migration:
Stayed in Ireland

My Great Aunt Martha Sabina Farley (called “Sib”) was born September 26th 1871 in Drogheda, Ireland. 

She was a great admirer of Florence Nightingale and began her nurses training at Sir P. Dun’s Hospital in Dublin.  After completing her studies there she was appointed to Princess Christian’s Army Nursing Service #358. 

In 1900 she was sent to the Field Force in South Africa for two years while the 2nd Boer War went on. 

When WW1 broke out she was sent to Flanders where she was one of the victims at the field hospital that the Germans hit with poison Phosgene Gas.  She spent 3 months recovering and then in 1917 was assigned as Head Matron at the military Hospital at Fermoy, but she never fully recovered from the gas poisoning and died in June 1918.  She was given a full military Funeral with an honor Guard and nurses from her nurse’s corps marching in the funeral procession from Adelaide Hospital where she died to Mt. Jerome Cemetery. 

There was a big write up about her funeral in the June 5th 1918  “Irish Times” She was awarded medals at Buckingham Palace by King George for her work during the Boer War and later for her services during WW1.

Sabina Farley

From the Irish Times 1918:

Irish Times (Dublin)
Military Funeral for Hotel Matron
The remains of Miss Sabina Farley, late Matron of the Military Hospital, Fermoy, who died on Saturday in the Adelaide Hospital, Dublin were interred yesterday in Mt. Jerome Cemetery with Military Honors. She was decorated with the Red Cross by the King on October 24, 1917 for her services in the present war, and she held the South African Medal and the Silver Badge for previous services. The Chief mourners were: Mr. J.B. Quinnell of "Edenburn" co. Kerry (brother-in-law) Miss M. Quinnell (niece) Mrs. Farley (Aunt) Miss Farley (cousin) Mr. T. Cullman (cousin).

The Matron and Nursing Staff of Adelaide Hospital lined up in the hall of the hospital while the coffin was being removed and placed on the gun carriage, where the remains were received by the Principal Matron and Nursing Staff of
King GeorgeV Hospital who formed in Processional Order and marched from the hospital to the cemetery. The pall bearers were members of the R.A.M. and there was a firing party of about forty men of the North Lancashire regiment
under the command of Lt Talbot. The burial service was conducted by Reverend Canon Jennings and at its conclusion, three volleys were fired and the "Last Post" was sounded. 

Among the general public were Capt. J.A. Batterby, Major W.F. Law, R.A.M.C., Mr. and Mrs. Telford, Miss C.T. Evans, Mr. B. Whitaker, Mr. Lynch. Wreaths were sent by the Nursing Staff-King George V. Hospital, Mr. and Mrs. Quinnell,
Major T.C. Quinnell K.N.R., and the Misses Quinnell.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 26th Sep 1871  
Date of Death Jun 1918  

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