Samuel Woods 1808

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Samuel Woods, born Ireland (probably north) 1808. 

Emigrated to USA/Canada 1820-1830s.  Married "Margaret", possibly Scottish. 

Trained a silk weaver.  1830s in York, Ontario, Canada. 

Made their way to southwestern Ontario.  They have 5 children: Mary, Charles, Robert, Thomas & Margaret. 

1850 wife Margaret dies somewhere in Ontario. 

1852 Samuel marries Mary Irwin.  They have 2 children:  Annie & Samuel Jr.  1860s census lists them in Ontario, 1870s U.S. census Samuel is in Minneapolis with Annie. 

I have Samuel's Minnesota death certificate stating he is from Ireland, as do the census', although we have never found out exactly where, or how and with whom he emigrated.  I am also looking for descendants from the first 4 children, they possible moved to the U.S.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1808  
Date of Death 2nd Jun 1889