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Marianne Brown was a publican in the Sailortown district of Belfast.

In 1847 Stewart Brown (widower) married Marianne Brown, no address given. Occupation given as grocer. His father was William Brown- Printer. Marianne's father John Brown - Publican (Mar Cert)

From the Street Directories:

1850 Stewart Brown 40 Trafalgar St Wine and spirit store

1852 Stewart Brown 38 Trafalgar Street Wine and Spirit store 

Marriage: 9/5/1853 Stewart Brown born Parish Eglington (Son of Stewart and Mary Ann) Near Carlisle Circus

1858 John Brown 42 & 44 Millfield St Grocer and spirit dealer

1858 Mary Ann Brown 9 Trafalgar St Wine and spirit dealer

1861 Mrs Brown 9 & 11 Trafalgar St (intersection Little York St) Wine and Spirit store 

1865 William Brown (age *24) marries Mary Anderson

1866 Mary A Brown 11 Trafalgar St Spirit dealer 

1868 Mrs Brown 9 & 11 Trafalgar St Wine and Spirit store 

12/6/1868 Stewart Brown born Son of William and Mary Anderson

1877 John Harvey 9 & 11 Trafalgar St Appears to have taken over premises 

1877 Mrs Brown William Kennedy (compositor) 66 Bentinck st Marriage:

18/2/1878 William Brown (widower) marries Sarah Kennedy 64 and 66 Bentinck St Wm – Sea Captain Father Stewart Brown –shopkeeper Wm Kennedy-carpenter Witnesses Wm and Martha Kennedy Mar Cert

1878 Martha Brown born 1880 William Brown Born

1882 Elizabeth Brown born

1884 Sarah Brown born 29 Greenmount St. Sarah Brown married Samuel Stewart - see his entry.

Picture below: Sarah Brown


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Date of Birth 1825  

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