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Lord Stephen de Barrett of Pendyne was the father and grandfather of the first Barretts to arrive in Ireland towards the end of the 12th century. he was a Welsh Marcher lord and the 1st Lord of Pendyne in Carmarthenshire aka the small, coastal village of Pendine (Welsh: Pentywyn, “end of the dunes”) today.

The Cambro-Norman Barretts are descended from one Stephen Barrett [who] came into Wales with Gilbert “Strongbow”, in A.D. 1110 (according to Hamon) or in 1120 (according to Clark), and had the lordships of Pendyne given him. A Barrett “Lord and Lady of the Manor of Pendyne” succeeded well into the 15th century (see Peter Barett).  The name of Pendyne eventually became extinct in the 17th century (due to the lack of a male heir).

The Barretts of Pendyne became a powerful and influential family in Wales with many interests in Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire. The Barretts were followers of de Carew (in Pembrooke) and de Cogan (in Glamorgan). As there could only be one successor to the lordship of Pendyne, Stephen Barrett’s other sons and grandsons, had to seek out other opportunities as underlords (i.e. tenants) of Raymond ‘Le Gros’ de Carew in the neighbouring shire of Pembroke.  

In 1170, a colonel-of-horse named Barrett from Pembrooke was among the Knights who followed Richard Strongbow to Ireland.  In the wake of this invasion, five Barretts from Pembrooke followed ‘Le Gros’ to Ireland namely: William fitzStephen Barrett and four sons (which included William Barrett Jr., and Phillip Barrett). The literature infers that Phillip Barrett may have been the original “colonel of horse who came to Ireland with Strongbow“.

Consequently, Stephen de Barrett of Pendine is the progenitor of both the Cork and Mayo lineages of Barrett in Ireland. 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1100 (circa)
Associated Building (s) Castle Inch Carrigrohane Castle Cloghtrad-Bally GLANDORE Ballincollig Castle Castle Barrett aka Castlemore  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Sir Robert Baret who arrived in England at the Battle of Hastings 1066
Townland born Tonbridge Wells, Kent, England



  • Would it be possible to get the sources for this information? Specifically the publications by the mentioned "Hammon" and "Clark" ? 


    Thank you!


    Friday 10th January 2020 06:10PM
  • Okay, the only reference I can find to Stephen Barret and his relationship with Gilbert Strongbow is in The Cambrian Archaeological Association Vol. 3 New Series 1852. The piece was written by Herbert F. Hore and references a manuscript in the possession of the earl of Cawdor. The article is on page 148. 


    Monday 13th January 2020 04:48PM
  • The link to that Cambrian Archaeological Association article is here:…

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Monday 13th January 2020 10:40PM
  • Clark = Colonel George Thomas Clark (1809-1898) an antiquary and historian of Glamorgan.

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Tuesday 14th January 2020 03:21AM
  • Thank you! I like going to these sources to see if there's any additional information or correlated topics.


    Tuesday 14th January 2020 03:29AM
  • I could not find the article attached to the link you offered.


    Tuesday 12th May 2020 05:28PM
  • Bikerchick64, here's
    a link to the journal doc on my google drive. I have a lot of those old documents about the irish Barretts saved.…


    Tuesday 12th May 2020 11:18PM

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