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I have been researching my ancestor Stephen Griffin, birth circa 1776. Baptism could've been in Swords or Howth. Stephen married Jane Ward in 1807. Later giving birth to their son Nicholas in 1817. Nicholas was bapatized in Balbriggan. Nicholas later married Agnes McDaniel also of Balbriggan. Thanks two had a son John Griffin and soon set off to the US. Philadelphia PA to be exact. I have had great success with this site verifying relatives and getting paper trails to verify everyone. While I was able to get Jane Griffin, nee Ward (Swords) birth/baptism record, I am perplexed and unable to get record of Stephen's baptism and ultimately his parents. My goal was to get into the 1700s with my Griffin family records to verify everyone and hope to get this piece of the puzzle to conclude it (for now I suppose). Any record would be useful that can identify his parents, baptism, birth and location.


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Steve Griffin

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Date of Birth 1776 (circa)  

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