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Thadeus Hunt, if age given at death is to be believed, was born in 1785.  His death, as recorded in the St. Louis, Missouri Death Registry, occurred at age 96 on 7 March 1881. His nativity is recorded as Ireland.


Though no birth records have been found thus far, what is found are references to the baptisms of his children. These are found in the Kilbride Catholic Parish of the Elphin Diocese in County Roscommon, Ireland. Here also is recorded the mother of these children, Elenore McDonnell.


Prior to his immigration to St. Louis, Missouri, USA he is known to reside in the Townland Dooherty of the Civil Parish Kilbride of County Roscommon.  We rely on this fact from the authorship  of Peter Duffy.  In his book, “The Killing of Major Denis Mahon”, Mr. Duffy speaks of the James Hunt and Co. rundale collective located in Dooherty. Thady Hunt is gathered to be part of this rundale; and Patrick his son is likely the witness mentioned in the trial of those accused of conspiracy to murder Major Denis Mahon.


Peter Duffy’s account makes mention of Thady  Hunt sending his son to Manchester, England after Patrick has told the magistrate of his observations on the early evening of November 2, 1847, when Major Denis Mahon was fatally shot. Thady Hunt is protecting his son from those that may wish to silence Patrick. Thereafter, Thady Hunt is subject to verbal abuse wherever he goes.


Patrick returns for the trials which last through September 1848. Afterwords the entire rundale collective in Dooherty is evicted by the heirs of Major Denis Mahon.

It is then during the period of October 1848 through August 1850 that Thady Hunt and family emigrate to St. Louis Missouri. The US Census of August 1850 finds Thady Hunt and family living in St. Louis in the household of James and Alice Turner.


Thady Hunt and his family find employment in the St. Louis economy.  The labor they provide is in sectors of river trade, iron foundaries, stone masonry and for his son Patrick, retail groceries.


Further sources and details may be found on the Family Search website. His ID is L7JM-HNR.

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Date of Birth 1785 (circa) VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 7th Mar 1881 VIEW SOURCE

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