Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in Australia

Thomas Collins Baptised 12 Mar 1833 Abbeyfeale, Limerick. He was noted as a farmer. He married Ann Lane from Duagh, Kerry (2 Nov 1832) possibly 1853. Children born in Duagh - Johannah (Jan 1854), Michael (Feb 1856) and Patrick (Apr 1858). Migrated to Melbourne, Australia Jul 1858. Johannah and Michael were left in Ireland and did not join their parents until Jun 1863). Patrick died onboard from convulsions in Jul, 1858.

I would like to know:

The names of Thomas' parents.

Who looked after Johannah and Michael when they remained in Ireland? I intended being in Ireland in October 2020 to search the National archives to see where Johannah and Michael attended school to find out more information but alas co-vid put paid to that trip. 

Additional Information
Date of Birth Mar 1833  
Date of Death 1st Apr 1914  


  • I had a Sheehy from "Abbeyfeale" in the NSW records. A dead end until I realised the parents were supposed to be from Listowel in the same NSW records. So I check the Parish in between Abbeyfeale & Listowell, and success (i was lucky I guessed the right Parish first off), and found the actual 1844 baptism (they migrated in the late 1840s ending up on the Monaro) it turns out the family was from Duagh Parish in Kerry. As this Parish is mentioned in your notes, I would start by combing the Duagh Parish records at, starting with the years you've got or guessed for baptisms. My Sheehys were from the townland of Scrahan in Duagh which is much closer to Abbeyfeale in County Limerick, than Listowell in County Kerry, despite Duagh being a Kerry Parish. By crossreferencing witht the Griffiths evaluations of the late 1830s I could work out the likely actual address (Scrahan being a particularly small townland)(but full of Sheehys).

    Besides the townland the bpatism record will most likely list the Parents, and god parents, but it is not always clear. If you need help with a record or two, once you've found a likely drop a reply here and I'll see what I can do.

    Good luck.

    I have had great delight in telling the family they are all Kerrymen, by about 6km.




    Saturday 17th April 2021, 12:14AM