Thomas Dwyer 1828

Thomas Dwyer 1828

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in Australia
Additional Information
Date of Birth 26th Jun 1828  
Date of Death 1st Jul 1914  


  • I am (slowly) researching the history of the marriage in Australia of John Dwyer (son of Thomas Dwyer) and Susanna Looney (daughter of Cornelius Looney). John and Susanna married in Melbourne Australia in 1854 after only being in the colony for about 1 year. My interest is in their respective Tulla families. Cornelius and his wife and remaining children migrated to Australia in 1857 following Susanna and never returned to Ireland. I am interested whether anyone has maps of Tulla in 1830-1850 showing the shops as Thomas Dwyer was reported as a butcher. Does anyone have any information that might tell me about the childhood of either family such as schooling. I have the relevant baptismal records of Tulla and feakle about Cornelius Looney but struggle with the Dwyers because there are quite a few. The Tulla cemetery records have not assisted. 

    The Thomas Dwyer referred to in the posting born 26 June 1828 does not match my Thomas Dwyer but I think there were about 3 Thomas Dwyers in the area. He could not have been John Dwyer's father because John was born in about 1830. When John and Susanna married in Melbourne, they recorded John's parents as Thomas Dwyer (butcher) and Bridget Roche. Thus, there should be some record in Tulla of the family at church, school, butcher shop and more importantly, where they died (if in Tulla or surrounds) but I am struggling.

    The looneys may have been tenant farmers In Feakle where Cornelius' wife Catherine Grady was born in 1805. Catherine's father John Grady (possibly also O'Grady) owned farming land in Feakle. I cannot otherwise find any records of where Cornelius and Catherine worked/farmed or supported themselves and their 6 children in and around Tulla but Susanna told Australian authorities that she came from Tulla not Feakle. 

    As usual, I have hit a wall and any suggestions might reinvigorate my challenge. Any suggestions would be most welcome.


    Friday 9th July 2021, 11:03PM

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