Thomas F Lynch 1946

Place of migration:
Migrated to/Born in USA

Thomas Lynch married Bridget Willoughby. They had 3 sons, 2 born in Macroom and one in Malden MA.  

Thomas fought in the civil war in the US while Bridget was in Ireland. First born was Denis Tilden Lynch. Denis was born in Ireland and became a writier and worked for the NY Times while he raising his family. John James Lynch (my grandfather) was born in Macroom and raised in Malden, MA then NYC also Thomas Franklin Lynch was born Malden MA in 1890.

It is said all the Willougbhy girls moved to Malden and married. There were 5 I believe. Bridget, Mary, Johanna, Ellen, Hanorah. Willoughby girls parents were Hanorah Desmond, and John WIlloughby.

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Date of Birth 28th Aug 1946 VIEW SOURCE

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