Thomas Griffin 1813


Thomas Griffin left Inver, Donegal and emigrated to Canada in about 1833.  He must have returned to Ireland because he married Mary  Allingham also of Inver.  She would have been too young when Thomas left in 1833.  Their eldest child is listed as being born in Ireland in about 1839.  They spent their lives in Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada.

In trying to determine Thomas' ancestors in Ireland I followed the trail thusly.....

  • Thomas named his sons William, Thomas, Andrew, Edward, David, Daniel, and John in that order.  
  • The Tithe Applotment of 1825 lists two Griffiths...Edward and Daniel  both of Leagans
  • The griffith Valuation of 1847 and later show Daniel, Edward and Michael all of Leagans.   I assume the Edward and Daniel are the same people.  
  • The 1800 Act of Union  show signatures by Peter, William Jr., and John Griffiths.  At that time, The name Griffith and Griffin were interchangeable. I would assume that since there is a William Jr....there must be alive at that time a William Sr.  I think that since Thomas was born in 1811-1814 either William could be his father.  If he followed the Irish naming patterns he named his first son William which would be after his father. the second son would be named after himself and the third son...Andrew would be named after his wife's father...Andrew Allingham
  • During the Famine years....Dan had a soup station set up in his pasture....according to a story submitted by one of the students of Leagan school.

  In a letter sent to John Griffin in Canada by his uncle Edward Allingham, dated was noted that there were no longer any of Thomas' brothers remaining alive but that there were some nephews.



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Date of Birth 1813 (circa) VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 28th Aug 1892 VIEW SOURCE



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