Thomas Kingsborough

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Thomas Kingsborough was the father of Margaret Kingsborough who married Thomas Black on 20 October 1824 in Drumcree. Margaret was of Drumcree and Thomas Black of Cloncore, Tartaraghan. This couple emigrated to Australia in 1856. I know nothing further about Thomas Kingsborough whose wife may have been Margaret.
I know the children of Thomas Black and Margaret Kingsborough.
Kaye Cameron, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


  • Thomas Kingsborough was my x3 great grandfather - I'm descended from his daughter Anne (c.1809-1884) who married Thomas Richardson in 1836 and had at least 4 children, including my great grandmother, Margaret Florence Richardson (c.1848-1935) who married Samuel Warnock of Kilmagamish in 1870 and had 10 children.  Thomas and his wife (possibly Margaret Hawthorn) married c.1800, living and farming at Breagh.

    My mother and her brother used to enjoy talking about their ancestors: it was they who told me that Thomas was married to Margaret Hawthorn but unfortunately I've been unable to find any documentary evidence of this.  I need to go back to Ireland one day and spend at least a week in the record offices to try and make some headway with this and other branches of the family!

    The couple had at least 4 children:

    Margaret Kingsborough (c.1802-1884) who married Thomas Black and emigrated to NSW aboard the "James Fernie" in 1856.  They had 8 children that I know of. 

    Robert Kingsborough (c.1803-1877) who married Martha Stewart in 1846 and had at least 1 daughter, Martha Margaret Kingsborough.  

    Henry Kingsborough (c.1805-1881) who married Margaret Woodhouse in 1846 (4 children) and Anne Jane Robb in 1859.

    It's possible there was another daughter called Mary Kingsborough (c.1804-1864).  She was a spinster who died in the Tartaraghan district - the exact place name is illegible.

    Kaye Cameron - I think we were in touch a long time ago?  Your help was invaluable in the days before the internet.


    Thursday 10th December 2020 03:53PM

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