Thomas Lyons 1907

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Thomas Lyons as a young man

My Grandad Thomas Lyons with me and my 2 Daughters in the late 1980's. The DOB is that registered on the  birth registry which was on the 18th January 1907 he always celebrated his birthday in December though ?

Birth Registered in the district of Ballyhaunis in the union of Claremorris. Parents Martin Lyons from Meeltran and Winnie Lyons formerly Grady

He moved to England when he was young and never returned to Ireland. He worked abroad quite a bit, he was a clerk of works. He died in Wythenshawe, Manchester, England

He had 2 twin daughters Ann and Patricia and a son James.

He lived at House 2 Meeltran in the 1911 census in North Knock wth his Grandad Martin, his Father Martin, his Mother Winnie, his Brother Michael and his sister listed as Bridget Agnis. Her birth name is actually registered as Delia which proved to be very confusing for some time when tracing her. She went to America where she married another Irish immigrant. Their listed ages on the census is slighlty out.

In the 1901 census his dad Martin was living with his dad Martin, brother Thomas and 2 sisters Maggie and Serah ( sarah ? ) house 5 Meeltran

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1907  
Date of Death 28th Dec 2001  

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    Are you by chance on Gedmatch and if so, what is your number?



    Sunday 28th October 2018, 08:12PM
  • Hi, Patrick Lyons was from Galway, Ireland.  He came to New York on one of the Hunger ships. His great grandson is Michael Francis Lyons from Syracuse, New York. He is on Gedmatch. Number A951380.



    Linda Lyons

    Sunday 28th October 2018, 08:35PM



    My great, great, grandmother was Johanna Lyons. She would have been born around 1858-1862.   I've been searching her family for over four years now. Her father was Timothy and her mother was Margaret.

    Put in the gedmatch number you provided but it says you have it listed as, "private" so only you can see the results, (Somewhat defeats the intent of gedmatch). Mine is:  M976465.  

    Would you mind checking the relation?


    Sunday 28th October 2018, 09:29PM
  • Following is a transcription of Martin and Winny's marriage record.

    Date of Marriage: 15-Mar-1904
    Parish / District: Kilmovee RC parish County: Co. Mayo
    Husband Wife
    Name: Martin Lyons Winny Grady
    Address: Meeltrane Barcull
    Denomination: Roman Catholic Roman Catholic
    Husband's Father Wife's Father
    Name: Lyons Grady
    Husband's Mother Wife's Mother
    Witness 1 Witness 2
    Name: Simon Feely Bridget Grady

    If you'd like to email me directly, my email address is


    Sunday 28th October 2018, 10:26PM
  • Perhaps I can help clarify why your granddad celebrated his birthday in December. Check the church records. Chances are he was born in December.

    My father was born about 5 miles north of Castlebar and his civil records stated his birth date as Feb 10 1903. He told me he was born in November. When I checked the church records, it noted he was born on Nov 18 and baptized on Nov 23 1902. Back then a fine was levied if the birth was not reported right away. My grandmother came into Castlebar to report his birth on Feb 10 1903.


    Monday 29th October 2018, 02:08AM
  • Hi i have a margaret lyons from Meeltran knock who married a Michael Hopkins from Larganboy Ballyhaunis 


    Thursday 21st March 2019, 09:35PM
  • I doubt there is a near connection. My Hopkinses were either on Crimlin or Derrylahan townland in Turough civil parish.


    Friday 22nd March 2019, 01:44AM
  • Sorry everyone. I have been busy and out of the country for a while so not had any time to dedicate to this. I'm sure you know that once you start your research it just sucks you in !
    Tom's dad Martin had a sister called Margaret, I'll see once I get a minute if it is the same Margaret.
    There were a number of Lyons in different houses in Meeltran in the 1901/11 censuses. You can't help but feel some or all of them must have been related, however I've been trying to stick to the main lines for all my family at the moment although again every now and then a lead takes you off on a tangent.
    I'll check on Johanna as well !
    I'm not sure on my gedmatch no. My tree is on My Heritage.
    Thanks for the transcript Patricia. I think I've got that but much appreciated as I may not have !
    I know I have a relative called Finola Lyons still living in ireland and I feel she was related to one of my grandads brothers Michael or Peter. I have tried contacting her but to no avail. She still lives in the same area so if anyone knows her !!!
    She last had contact with my mum's twin sister Patricia who died almost 2 yrs ago now. Unfortunately my mum was not in contact and does not know how she js related.

    Thanks everyone. I'll try and dedicate some time ASAP to the above


    Friday 22nd March 2019, 07:18AM
  • U said meeltran which is knock isn't


    Friday 22nd March 2019, 08:20AM
  • Yes, I think North Knock if I remember rightly !


    Friday 22nd March 2019, 08:54AM
  • That's the same area as the Lyons


    Friday 22nd March 2019, 10:03AM
  • Finola Lyons i think is the vice principle in st louis secondry school in kiltimage, you could try send a letter to her care of thre school


    Friday 22nd March 2019, 11:48AM
  • I can't find Johanna in my family tree.
    I also can't find a Patrick Lyons in my tree at all.
    Date wise they don't fit in anywhere.

    My Great Aunt Delia AKA Bridget Agnis Lyons 1908 to 1941 ( my grandad Toms sister ) went to New York in 1926 where she married Jeremiah McEvilly also an Irish immigrant. They lived at 528 east 149th street, Bronx. I think it's knocked down now looking at Google maps. She died aged 32 and is buried at st Raymond cemetery N.York.
    March 20th 1941. I don't think they had children. His job was listed as an elevator operator in a department store.
    Just in case there are any relatives I'm unaware of out in the US ?


    Friday 22nd March 2019, 01:16PM

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