Place of migration:
Stayed in Ireland

There were no Mannions at all in the parish of Elphin in 1749 (and only 3 Mannions showing up nearby in the Elphin Census).
However, by the early 19th Century, they were prolific and a large group of Mannion siblings were living in Cloonybrennan.

Thomas Mannion (c.1790–? ) married Brigid Brady of Clooncullaan in 1811. Witnessed by:  Thomas Madden & Ms. Neary. There were also lots of Bradys in Drinaun where his brother, Michael Mannion, lived (house 7b, Drinaun Griffiths Valuation). The Mannions were cottiers (subsistence farming) and therefore did not appear on the earlier Tithe Applotment Records.

Children of Thomas Mannion & Brigid Brady of Clooncullane:

Patrick      01-May-1812  sp. John Casserly & Mary Manian
Catherine     19-Apr-1816  sp. Thomas Berne & Honor Brady
Michael     12-Sep-1819 sp George Berne & Honor Anderson19

It looks like Brigid Brady died young, circa 1820 and that Thomas remarried Honor Diffely few years later.

In 1824 a Mannion had 2.5 acres along with Beirnes & Casserlys in Carrownurlar. In 1857 he was farming 2.5 acres there, in a house of no ratable value.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1790 (circa)  
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Brigid Brady (married 1811) Honor Diffley (married circa 1821)  
Names of Children Patrick 01-May-1812 (sp. John Casserly & Mary Manian) Catherine 19-Apr-1816 (sp. Thomas Berne & Honor Brady) Michael 12-Sep-1819 (sp George Berne & Honor Anderson)  

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