Thomas McCarthy 1785

Thomas McCarthy 1785

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Thomas McCarthy, a farmer of Abbeymahon Parish, was recommended by Henry Boyle, third Earl of Shannon, to emigrate with his family to Ontario, Canada in 1825 as part of the Peter Robinson Expedition.  He was accompanied on the vessel Elizabeth by his wife, Johanna, and children: Denis, 19, Catherine, 16, and Jeremiah, 13.  Catherine died on board the Elizabeth shortly before reaching the port.  Also on board the Elizabeth was Thomas's 45-year-old brother, Jeremiah, and his family.  

The McCarthys settled in Smith Township on the 100 acres of land assigned them by the government.  Thomas died within a few months of arrival in Canada.  Denis McCarthy migrated to Lockport, New York in the 1830's, where he remained.  Young Jeremiah McCarthy migrated to Brown County Wisconsin in 1855 to farm in Rockland.

Jeremiah McCarthy's children, Garret, Jerry and Catherine, became pioneers of Tomahawk, Wisconsin when it was founded in 1887.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1785 (circa)  
Date of Death 1825  


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