Thomas Shannon Gordon1813

Thomas Shannon Gordon 1813

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Place of migration
Migrated to/Born in New Zealand

Thomas Shannon Gordon was born in County Down in Ireland and sailed from Liverpool to Sydney on the 'Thomas Lowry' (departing 7 Jan 1840 and arriving 16 May 1840 in Sydney) as a Bounty Immigrant. The fare was paid by Australia (bought out by A. B. Smith & Co.) with Bounty payment 18 pound. His occupation was listed as a Tailor and it was expectated that he would go to Sydney Australia and put his trade as a Tailor and Farmer to good use for the colony. Thomas stayed in Australia for less then 2 years and then came to New Zealand. Immigrants coming to NZ were encouraged to breed and Thomas partnered with a Maori princess whose name is not known (documents call her Jane Mangawara), and during this coupling James Gordon and Maryanne Gordon were born. There is a possibility of a third child Margaret but there is no evidence to prove this. Thomas was given some land to farm by the local Maori Chief, Janes father.

Thomas then married Sarah Alderdice on the 18/12/1851 and Jane went back to her tribe.

On the 7th Jan 1842 on the 'Wilson' Thomas' brother William (listed as a shepherd) arrived in Sydney (departed from Greenock) with his cousin Ross Cummin. Because he came to NZ immediately after arrival he was denied his Bounty payment. He eventually married Sarah Alderdices' sister Margaret

Not much is known about Thomas and William's parents. They are thought to have been James and Jane Gordon (nee Cummins)

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Apr 1813
Date of Death 1st Feb 1872
Townland born County Down in Ireland
Occupation Tailor and Farmer
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Sarah Alderdice
Place & Date of Marriage on the 18/12/1851
Names of Siblings William
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