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Thomas Solon Left with family when he was about 10 years old. He was born approximately in 1837 considering his age in 1870 Census. The date of April 21, 1836 from church records in Tynagh parish, Co. Galway is a person of interest. I have check all church records available for Galway, Mayo, Roscommon, Clare, Tipperary and Offaly and still working on other counties to make absolutely sure this Thomas is mine. 

This Thomas shows parents to be Lawrence Solon and Mary Ann Geoghegen who were married at same church on Feb. 18, 1832. According to Thomas' daughter, her father left Ireland at age 10 (the British burned the family home). This is one of the famine years. At age ten, this would have put it in 1846 when they left. I would love to confirm the burning of the home, if there is any truth to it. Right now, I have no idea where to look.

I have been researching this part of my family for over a decade now. I also learned that there are over one thousand in England today. 

They came to America and ended up settling in Baltimore, Maryland. Thomas married Margaret Ann Kearney in Sept. of 1869.

Wanting to find out if there were any other locations for Solon outside of the parishes/counties I mentioned above.

I did come across some Solan's in Co. Mayo. It is possible they could be related. I do not know if there was a spelling change, and why if so.

Loss of ships records from Liverpool doesn't help for emmigration. I am still trying to find out where he landed in America. There is no record of any Solon's arriving in Baltimore, Maryland aboard ship. There are some in Boston Massachusettes, but I have been unable to make any connections so far.


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Date of Birth 1st Apr 1846 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 1893 (circa)  


  • To add to your query about other Solans -- I have a Gr-Uncle, Thomas Solan b. abt. 1872, married to my Gr-Grandad, Dan T. Egan's sister, Maryanne Egan b. abt. 1881, Woodford Parish area. I have his parents as John Salon and Annie (Unknown) Salon in the 1911 Irish Census. The link to the census follows:


    Wednesday 25th April 2018, 03:07AM
  • Hello MizRock,

    Thank you for your response.

    Out of curiosity, where do youi live?

    I am in Spring, Texas, USA.

    I would love to learn more about the Solan's. They have been hard to find. I would love to knkow the Solan's that remained in Ireland, as I am sure some did from the 1901 and 1911 Census records you pointed out above.


    Where did your Gr-Uncle live and where was he born?


    My Great great grandfather Thomas Solan, as you can see from my original post, was born in 1836. On his baptismal record, there are Solan's that were godparents. I am sure they were siblings, or aunts and uncles to Thomas' father Lawrence. I have not been able, at this time to learn, who is who, much less their children etc.....


    I would love to know where the Solan's came from before Tynagh Parish, Co. Galway.  Your reply above seems to get me closer, or narrow it down to the Townland, unless the moved a little bit.


    Do you know how long your Solan's were in the Ballyglass location? 

    Have you DNA tested?


    I have through FTDNA and Ancestry, and my results have been uploaded to Gedmatch. My Gedmatch kit number is T220529 under TexasKat (my husband named it). This is in case you have. If you have, I would love to have you Gedmatch number to view. I know that Autosomal DNA tests usually only go back about 5 generations, but if we even matched a tiny bit within that 5 generations, it would show. At least we could learn from it and help with our research into that surname of ours. So far, I have not come across anyone with that surname who have tested, or female descendants (different surnames through marriage :) ).


    My email address is



    Katrina K Lunsford

    Wednesday 25th April 2018, 02:14PM
  • Hi Katrina, I am in Colorado, USA. I ran a one to one comparison with your GEDmatch kit between both you and myself, and you and my brother -- but no match. That is not surpising since my Thomas Solan married into my family line of Egan to my Gr-Aunt Marianne. I have no other information on him, but I love a good mystery so now will be out searching for you and me both. :)  My GEDmatch number is A849123 and email is mizrock at aol dot com. Feel free to email me anytime!   Best, Jane


    Wednesday 25th April 2018, 02:25PM
  • MizRock,

    I don't suppose you know of any Solan descendants? Male, or female that could be reached out to for testing? I would love to find one and pay for an autosomal test. FTDNA has them on sale for $49 until April 28th. :)



    Katrina K Lunsford

    Wednesday 25th April 2018, 03:24PM

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