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Timothy Donovan was married to Mary Neil on 10 Febuary 1825. Both were natives of Gortnascenna. Their eldest known son was Darby, born 14 March 1833. Sponsors were: Patrick Reagan and Jo-n Connolly.

Shortly thereafter, The couple move to Cashnacrona, Dunmnway. There, Cornealuis was born 31 May 1835.  His birth place is listed as Milane. However the family cabin site is found across the road which is the boundry with Cashnacrona. His sponsors were: William and Ellen Donovan. (Probally his uncle and aunt)

The next child born in Clashnacrona was Mary, on 1 March 1838. Witnesses:being William Neil (another uncle) and Johanna Powell. Mary was my great grandmother. She married anothher Cork native, John Connolly, son of Daniel and Johnna Daly, in New york City in 1861. She had emigrated circa 1858.

William was born 23 May 1841 in Clashnacrona with sponsors: Michael Leantry and Mary Brown.

The last child was Ellen born 26 May 1844. Her sponsors were:Michael Brown and Mary Crowley.

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