Timothy Moran 18541854

Timothy Moran 1854

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TIMOTHY MORAN, my great grandfather

July 1854 – April 1915



1) Timothy’s parents, Timothy Moran and Catherine Ruth were listed in the Catholic Parish Register of baptisms for Borris. The sponsors were Thomas Bol?? (Bolga) and Margaret Corrigan.

2) Timothy’s father was listed on Griffith’s Valuation records for 1852 – 53 for Borris, Clonygoose Civil Parish in County Carlow where he lived in a house for which he was taxed 10 shillings. He was not listed in the 1824 – 1827 Tithe Applotment Records for this town.


Thomas was born in Ireland Aug 1843 - derived from 1911 Canadian Census Records. Record of his baptism was not found in Borris Catholic Parish Records.  Perhaps he was born in a neighbouring town or county, given that his father was not listed on the Tithe Applotment Books for Borris.

William was baptized 25 January 1846, derived from online Catholic Parish Records for Borris, Clonygoose Parish, County Carlow.

Mary was baptized 4 July 1847, located in the same records as her brother, William.

John was born 1852, derived from entry in Book of Angels – see Note below.

Timothy was baptized 2 July 1854, derived from the online Borris Catholic Parish Records of Ireland.

Patrick was born in1858, likely in Ireland - derived from entry in Book of Angels

Note: The Book Of Angels, published 1881 in the USA, has been passed down via my grandmother, Mary Ellen Farrelly nee Moran. It contained ornate birth record forms. Four of Timothy and Catherine’s sons and their birth years were listed in one of the columns: Thomas - 1845 (Aug 1843 as listed in 1911 Cdn Census Reecords), John - 1852, Timothy - (27 March 1856) incorrect. His baptismal record indicated 2 Jul 1854, Patrick - 1858

 Immigration to Canada

To date, only Timothy and his older brother Thomas have been found in Canadian records. On the 1901 Canadian Census for Durham Town, Grey South, Ontario, Timothy indicated he immigrated in 1858. He would have been 4 years old at the time and his brother Thomas 15.

First Canadian Records

• On 14 Aug 1861 Census, Thomas was working, along with 6 others, as a Hotel Keeper in Hamilton, Wentworth, Canada West, now called Ontario.

• On 2 Apr 1871 Census Timothy, age 17, was living in Normanby Township, South Grey, Ontario with farmer Henry McMahon and his wife, along with 12 year old Josephine Smith. The name of the village was Ayton.


Thomas was listed as a blacksmith in the 1869 Hamilton, Ontario (Canada West) City Directory. In 1876, Timothy Moran had a blacksmith shop on the Ayton Village Fairgrounds.Ayton is near the town of Durham, Ontario. Thomas and Timothy were both working as blacksmiths in Ayton village from 1878-1887. By 1891, Thomas had returned to the city of Hamilton where he continued his trade. By the next census in 1891, he had retired.

Timothy continued his blacksmith trade in Ayton from 1888-1899.

Reference:    Normanby Reflections - A History of Normanby Township, Vol 1, printed in 1989,  ISBN: 0-9694041-0-7

Families of Thomas and Timothy Moran

Thomas Moran on 28 Feb 1861, married Margaret Patton who was born in Scotland. They were married in Hamilton, County Wentworth, Ontario, Canada. They had 8 children all born in Ontario, Canada.

  1. William J born 1862

  2. Charlotte - 1863

  3. Timothy – 1868

  4. Thomas - 1869

  5. Margaret - 7 Dec 1871

  6. John - 1874

  7. James - 1876

  8. Kate - 1879

Margaret his wife of 46 years died 14 March 1917 of pneumonia.

Thomas remarried on 17 Apr 1918 to Eliza Pearce in Hamilton, Ontario

Timothy Moran and FamilyTimothy Moran on 24 February 1879, 24 year old Timothy married 18 year old Bridget O’Donnell at  St Mary’s Catholic Church in Mt Forest, Ontario. They had 7 children, 3 of whom survived.

  1. William P - Dec 1879

  2. Mary Ellen - 1 Jan 1881.  My grandmother.

  3. Michael F - 21 Feb 1883, died 21 March

  4. Timothy J – 21 Jul 1884, died 2 months later

  5. Kate – 13 Dec 1885, died 5 months later

  6. Llowyin Margaret -10 June 1886

  7. Francis L – May 1889 – died 8 August

Tim’s 28 year old wife died 21 June 1889, leaving him with 3 children aged 3,8 and 10.

On 19 January 1891, Timothy married Mary Ellen O’Donnell from Perth Ontario.

They had 4 girl children

  1. Charlotte – 13 October 1890

  2. Loretto Ruth – 22Jul 1894

  3. Valerie Margaret - 31 Jul 1901

  4. Irva Claudine - 1905

By March of 1901 Timothy and his family were living in the neighbouring town of Durham at 12 Countess E Street. His daughter Mary Ellen married Thomas Patrick Farrelly afterwhich they moved to Winnipeg Manitoba where Thomas had established a contracting business. His other daughter, Llowyin, moved to Winnipeg as well. And his son, William, had emmigrated to Chicago, USA.

By 1910 Timothy and Ellen and their children had also moved to Winnipeg. Timothy finds work as a warehouseman at wholesale carriage hardware and blacksmith supplies store. On 4th April 1915, Timothy Moran, age 60, dies of stomach cancer as recorded on his Official Notice of Death, Province of Manitoba, Canada. He was buried in St Mary’s Cemetery, Winnipeg.

By Leslie Gordon, Victoria, BC, Canada July 2016

Additional Information
Date of Birth 2nd Jul 1854 (circa)
Date of Death 4th Apr 1915
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Timothy Moran
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Catherine Ruth


  • Hello Leslie,

    Roots Ireland has baptismal records for Thomas and John Moran, who were born in Kilkenny, as follows.

    Name:Thomas Moran
    Date of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:22-Aug-1841
    CountyCo. Kilkenny
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:Timothy Moran
    Mother:Catherine Rooth
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:John Moran
    Sponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Mary Lynch

    Name:John Moran
    Date of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:01-Mar-1844
    CountyCo. Kilkenny
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:Timothy Moran
    Mother:Catherine Rooth
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:Michael Lynch
    Sponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Oney Manning
    I hope this helps! I can be reached at Glanvil3@aol.com.


    Friday 16th November 2018 07:08PM
  • Timothy Moran married Ellen O'Donell in Statford, Perth County, not in the town of Perth which is in Lanark County.

    Ron Dale

    Ron Dale

    Saturday 27th February 2021 03:27PM
  • Hello Leslie,

    I have ancestors from Ayton and Normanby Township. My great-grandfather was William Danahy Young whose younger brother John Young (born about 1864) worked as a blacksmith in Ayton before leaving for Illinois. John may have apprenticed with Timothy Moran, as I do believe the two had a connection. I have found a baptismal record from St. Peter’s RC church in Ayton for Timothy Joseph Moran, born 13th of May 1884. The parents are listed as Timothy Moran and Bridget O’Donnell. The sponsors were John Young and Catherine Mulligan.


    Eloise Coleman

    eloise coleman

    Sunday 28th February 2021 10:55PM

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