Vincent Henry McKenna 1887

Vincent Henry McKenna 1887

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My 2GGF Vincent Henry McKenna was born 17 July 1887 in Armagh, pre-Northern Ireland to Hugh McKenna, Weaver of Drumung [1859-1911], and Anne Corr [Stewardstown, Co. Tyrone 1864-1910]. He had two sibings: Sarah Jane Clare McKenna( Jun 1890–1948-she had a stroke during Mass at St Patrick's Catholic Cathedral in Newry) and Hugh James Leo McKenna (1893–1914).  Hugh James Leo McKenna died serving in WW1--I have not been able to locate records but met a nighbor who remembered his picture in the Milford Co. Armagh house.

He married on 16 Jan 1909 at the Newry Roman Catholic Chapel: 16 Jan 1909 “Vincent Henry McKenna, 21 yrs. Bachelor, Weaver, of 16 Ann Street, Milford, son of Hugh McKenna (living), Weaver, to, Mary Limina, 24 yrs. Daughter of Edward Limina (deceased), Farmer of Shinn, Newry." 

The entire family lived at 16 Ann Street, Milford and worked at the mill. 

While Vincent and Mary were visiting her sister, their son and 1st child Patrick James was born 22 Feb 1910 • Wyandotte Michigan 89 Front Street.  They returned to Milford and Annie was born 1912-1962.  After Annie's birth they immgrated to Detroit MI via Canada and had 2 more children Vincent Henry Jr. [1913-1988 both Michigan] and Sara Ellen McKenna Dewilde [1916-1989 both Michigan].

I can list parents and grandparents of Vincent wth some confidence and would be happy to shae what I have on the family. 

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Date of Birth 17th Jul 1887 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 26th Jan 1954 VIEW SOURCE

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